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An intranet that increases productivity, well-being and engagement

Create a seamless employee experience with your intranet as the hub – and other digital tools are easily integrated into the platform. You build an experience that corresponds to your organisation through ready-made modules and features. Then discover the benefits of increasing productivity, engagement and well-being in your workplace.


Work smarter – not harder

Do you spend time finding your way – and each other? Gather all your digital tools in one place and make it easy to communicate (no matter where your employees are). It’s about working smarter, not harder.


Everyone should feel good at work

Are your employees experiencing digital frustration? Is it difficult to reach people with feedback and praise? Through a good digital employee experience, your employees will be seen and heard throughout the day.


Encourage engagement

When it’s easy to reach each other, it’s also easy to send an encouraging word. To provide support in a challenging task. Or to get the latest news. Engagement and participation benefit from communication.

Good in a lot of ways – and for many

In addition to making everyday life easier for all your employees, a good digital employee experience also brings positive results to areas such as HR, marketing and communications, the CEO and management, and IT.


Employer branding and corporate culture

The employee experience begins on the first day at work. Through a welcoming onboarding – and digital learning as a natural part of everyday work – your employees will stay longer.

Attract and retain talent

Improve employee well-being

Develop a positive work culture

Encourage collaboration and dialogue

2 %

reduction in staff turnover

Små ikoner med logotyper som går att integrera

Gather power in one place – create a seamless employee experience

Use Sitevision as a platform for information and communication – and integrate your other systems for a seamless employee experience. As you know, one plus one is three. Or even more.

Mobile employee experience

Everyone should feel involved – not least employees who are out and about. With Sitevision’s intranet app, you can continue to work with functions such as personalisation and integrations. And your employees can access everything they need and talk to each other quickly. Convenient and smart.

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