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Bring your organisation's digital tools together with Sitevision as your digital collaboration platform. Chat, meet digitally, share files, collaborate and publish videos – all in our simple interface and secure cloud service.

Sitevision as a digital collaboration platform

We offer a secure collaboration platform with built-in regulatory compliance. All data is protected, handled and stored in accordance with applicable legislation. Get a collaboration platform that meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the public sector while creating a place for collaboration – both inside and outside your organisation. With Sitevision, you get a cohesive solution where you can integrate your organisation's various tools. In this way, you create a unified user experience for your employees.

What is included in Sitevision's digital collaboration platform?

Manage documents, meet digitally, publish content or chat with a colleague. All gathered in Sitevision's powerful and user-friendly interface. Of course, Sitevision's digital collaboration platform can be fully customised to your organisation's needs.

  • Videoconferencing
  • Document management with co-editing
  • Livestreaming
  • Chat
  • Accessibility according to WCAG AA
  • All data stored within the EU
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Safe and secure in the cloud

With Sitevision's own cloud service, you can feel confident that your data is stored on Swedish servers and is subject to Swedish legislation.

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Get accessibility built in from the start with Sitevision. We have checks for both code and simple errors that may occur during publishing.

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It should be easy for you to create, edit and publish. We've even won an award for our user-friendly editorial interface.

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Some of the services that dSam recommends.

Collaboration tools recommended by dSam

The dSam project, Digital Collaboration Platform for the Public Sector, presented in its final delivery a report highlighting collaboration tools they recommend – all of which can be integrated into the Sitevision digital collaboration platform. The dSam project team brought together 170 public sector organisations with the aim of finding GDPR-safe alternatives to Microsoft Teams and enabling secure federation between agencies. We have made integrations to several of the collaboration tools and more are on the way.

In place - or in progress

Video via Quickchannel (on site)

Federation with Matrix (in progress)

Video via Screen9 (on site)

Video meeting via Jitsi (on site)

File management via Nextcloud (in progress)

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