Engagement and a feeling of belonging, right on your mobile

More and more people are working from places other than the office. And many roles do not require desks and computers. Communicating internally to create a sense of community and increase engagement is important – perhaps more so than ever. For this reason, there is an app included in Sitevision’s intranet package.

Bild på intranätsappen där innehållet rinner ur telefonen. Allt placerat på en grå bakgrund.

Whatever workplace you are at, it is far from obvious that your employees are in front of a computer every day. Office jobs are not what they used to be. Then there are all the industries that don't have an office as their workplace, such as stores, warehouses, health centres, train stations and ski slopes. The list is long of places where employees are 'frontline workers'.

Reach all employees and create a sense of community

When this is the case, it is important to build up a working culture and a sense of belonging. Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that when we feel good, we also work well. And to feel good, we need the right conditions to do the job, we need to feel seen and to be part of a community. An effective way of achieving this is through digital channels. For this reason, there is Sitevision’s intranet app. Engagement and a feeling of belonging are never far away.

A feeling of belonging

Want to know what's going on at the office when you're not there? Of course! In the activity flow, employee posts join the latest news. Read, like, comment – and let others know what you are up to. Do so with pictures, videos, links and GIFs. A feeling of belonging.


Community through groups

Is there anything better than groups for collaboration and conversation? Hardly! And of course, all the intranet’s groups are in place in the app. Anyone can join in on the everyday conversation, join new groups or leave old ones, even when they’re on the go.

You and your employees can create groups freely based on your needs, and they can be closed, open or moderated. Perhaps you need to talk about your latest website project, have a channel where your team can communicate, or simply have a cosy coffee-break group? The only limit is your imagination.

Notifications ensure that publishers reach their audience and that their employees have a really good idea of what is happening.

Twice as effective

As the editor, you control the content of the app on the desktop interface. You can easily choose, for example, which archives the app should pull up news from. And convenient labels allow your employees to personalise their feeds. You can even control details such as how links are opened and limit the number of characters in news. Twice the amount of work is nothing for you.

Easy to search

The app includes a faceted search that divides search results into categories such as content, posts, people and files. The search captures everything that is indexed on the intranet. And in the search field, you can see your previous searches and shortcuts. We make it easy to find your way around.

Light or dark mode?

Sitevision’s app adapts to what you have chosen in your mobile’s settings – light or dark mode. Gentle on you and your eyes.

Lightmode app

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