Always brilliant design themes in Sitevision

Create themes based on your graphic profile and ensure that your website and intranet have the right design on each and every page. Now and in the future.

Have you found that you have lost control of your website's appearance? It is not uncommon for a site to start diverging during the administration phase. And suddenly, you find it no longer follows your graphic profile.

Manage your design on a global level

In Sitevision, you control the appearance of your website on a global level through themes in the overall settings, thus gaining a clear design overview. You create one (or more) themes and choose which templates, pages and modules are to be included in the settings. And you do it directly in the interface, without coding. With a few simple clicks, you decide on the appearance of everything from buttons and forms to typography and menus.


Improve and create new

Has an a/b test indicated that the buttons should have a different colour? You can then change it by changing the colour code in your theme, and all buttons on the entire site will immediately be changed to the new colour. Are you creating a campaign page with a different graphic profile than the rest of the site? Just add a new theme and indicate the right sub-division in the structure.

The right person in the right place

If you work in a business where a lot of editors update your website, it can be good to know that you can manage themes permissions. Let a website manager, designer or other relevant person take care of the site’s themes – while allowing editors to create content that is directly adapted to the graphic profile. It does wonders for management, simplifies the work of anyone who edits the website – and most importantly: Creates a unified and harmonious digital experience for your visitors.

Sitevision’s CSS framework Envision

The fact that we have built our CSS framework Envision into the product makes it so easy for you to create and change the design in Sitevision. This is a file that is usually created by a developer to control all graphic elements. But now, website managers can make the changes themselves with just a few clicks. Want to know more about the CSS framework Envision? Visit External link.

Would you like to know more about functions in Sitevision?

The best way to find out more about Sitevision and all its features is to book a demo. We’ll show you how it works and answer all your questions.

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During a demo, you will see examples of what you can do in Sitevision - and how easy it is to create content. Try the product, get answers to your questions and discover a world of possibilities.

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