Powerful web analysis directly in Sitevision – on Swedish servers

It is invaluable to understand how visitors to your website behave. What content works and what doesn't? What are visitors looking for on your website? How is your performance? Did the last campaign meet your goals? With our web analytics, you get all this knowledge (and more!) - directly in Sitevision. Easy and close at hand.

Advantages of web analysis in Sitevision

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Matomo as a foundation

Web analysis in Sitevision is based on the powerful Matomo analysis tool. You will benefit from Matomo’s advantages, easily and integrated into Sitevision.

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One-stop shop

Sitevision takes overall responsibility for the service and you will not need to involve other suppliers or agreements.

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All data is stored in Sweden

Due to regulations and rulings such as GDPR and Schrems II, many problems arise when web analysis data is not stored in Sweden. When you use Sitevision’s web analysis, all data is stored on Swedish servers, in the same secure environment as Sitevision Cloud. You can rest assured.

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Added value now – and in the long term

Having both your website and web analytics data in Sitevision allows us to develop features related to the product that add even more value.


The price is based on the total number of page views per month for all websites you want to use the service for. See examples of what the web analysis contains and what the price is for you.

Select the number of page views per month above to see the price
Up to 200 000 page views per month for all websites
1 200 SEK
Up to 500 000 page views per month for all websites
2 000 SEK
Up to 1 200 000 page views per month for all websites
3 200 SEK
Up to 2 000 000 page views per month for all websites
6 000 SEK
More than 2 000,000 page views per month for all websites
Contact sales@sitevision.se for a quote

Examples of content

Examples: Page views, number of visits, length of visit, bounced visits, type of device and model.
Create goals and track the goals conversion percentage.
Set what you want the report to contain, at what interval it should be sent out and to whom.
Customizable dashboard that gives you a clear overview.
Examples: Most visited pages, landing pages, exit pages, site search, downloads and page performance.
Example: What source your visitors are coming from – search engines, web pages, social networks and campaigns.
Tag Manager
With a Tag Manager, you can tag, measure and track your content, completely disconnected from your source code.

This is what web
analysis looks like

Since the web analysis is integrated directly into Sitevision, it is always close at hand. You can easily navigate to it via the overview menu.

Would you like to know more about functions in Sitevision?

The best way to find out more about Sitevision and all its features is to book a demo. We’ll show you how it works and answer all your questions.

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Book a demo

During a demo, you will see examples of what you can do in Sitevision - and how easy it is to create content. Try the product, get answers to your questions and discover a world of possibilities.

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