Welcome to developing the world of Sitevision

When you develop in Sitevision, you use modern web technologies such as JavaScript and React. And through Sitevision’s open API, you can develop your own functionality, integrate other systems – and make the most of Sitevision as a platform. Welcome to developing the world of Sitevision.

WebApps – Develop your own modules

WebApps is a technology that allows you to develop your own modules for Sitevision. You create your WebApp in any code editor and develop with modern web technologies such as JavaScript and React.

RESTApps – create custom REST endpoints

RESTApps makes it possible to create customised REST endpoints in Sitevision. This way, you can also use Sitevision as a Headless CMS. You don't have to work with duplicate sets of content, but can use your data in more places, such as in a mobile app. You can simply present data, create and manage content in new ways. And the same here: You develop RESTApps in any code editor.

Data Storage – save data in Sitevision

You can save data in Sitevision’s built-in storage function Data Storage. It is a clustered storage solution that you manage via Sitevision’s edit mode. Data Storage eliminates the need to install an external database on a separate server. It’s quite convenient to be able to retrieve data directly from Sitevision instead, right?

Become part of a larger network

Today, there are hundreds of certified Sitevision developers who meet the same challenges and opportunities as you. In other words, you will be part of a larger network and we strongly recommend checking out developer.sitevision.se External link. — and getting a developer account when it’s time. Really great when you want to be up-to-date, share experiences and knowledge.

Develop to more – Sitevision Marketplace

Sitevision Marketplace is our marketplace for all customers. This includes our own modules and functions, as well as those created by Sitevision’s partners. Many of our customers are facing similar challenges and needs – and by having your module in the Marketplace, you will solve problems for more than one (win-win). Please visit the Sitevision Marketplace External link. or read more about how to develop for Marketplace

A safe choice

Sitevision continuously tests the application to resist security threats. We closely monitor developments in security-related topics such as vulnerability threats to applications, firewalls and networks. With each new release, we carry out safety tests in accordance with internal procedures. Third parties continuously conduct application security and penetration tests to maintain high security, including in accordance with the OWASP Top 10.

CMS for intranet and websites

Book a demo

During a demo, you will see examples of what you can do in Sitevision - and how easy it is to create content. Try the product, get answers to your questions and discover a world of possibilities.

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