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Accessibility as a foundation, innovative solutions and world-class security. Increased engagement, productivity and well-being in the workplace. It's no coincidence that 74% of Sweden's municipalities and 30% of Sweden's government agencies have chosen Sitevision. Do it, you too.

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Together we take responsibility

Society is changing. We are living longer and fewer children are being born. The number of people of working age is decreasing and, in the long term, fewer people will have to do more for more people. At the same time, it is becoming more difficult to retain skills for large organizations. At Sitevision, we put great focus on shaping a platform that makes processes - both for citizens and employees - more efficient so that everyone has time to do what is really important. Taking responsibility for the demographic challenge. It increases productivity, engagement and well-being for all.

The digital citizen experience


Civic information for all

All citizens - regardless of their abilities - should be able to access accessible and up-to-date communication from the public sector. Since day one, Sitevision has had accessibility in focus. As directives develop, we also develop Sitevision. On the one hand, we build functions into the product, and on the other, we create the conditions for editors to work according to the directives.


Simple and efficient e-services

Citizens need accessible e-services that are easy to use. Many need to take a closer look at their processes. Everything from booking appointments to applying for permits should be quick and easy. This saves time for both citizens and employees - while increasing accessibility.

Crisis web

A crisis website to rely on

How do you communicate without a website? In troubled times, it's smart to back up with a crisis website. With Sitevision's crisis website, you get a secure and optimized solution in Sweden's most popular CMS. The crisis website is operated separately from our regular cloud service Sitevision Cloud to ensure the highest security and performance.

percent of Swedish municipalities have chosen Sitevision
percent of Swedish authorities have chosen Sitevision

The digital employee experience

Reaching out to employees

Internal communication that gets through

It is a challenge to communicate to employees who are scattered in different locations. Making them feel seen and heard. Sitevision's interface makes it easy for editors to create and manage content that really gets through - including through an intranet app. What's more, Sitevision always encourages two-way communication to increase engagement.


Spend time on what's important

Having information available even when your employees are on the go allows them to work more efficiently. Share and access documents, chat quickly with colleagues, catch up on the latest news - and much, much more.

A hub

Gather everything in one place

Are you sure that everyone in your organization has access to up-to-date information? With Sitevision, you create a single point of access for all systems and tools - it becomes the hub for internal communication. Accessible to everyone, wherever they are


Engaged employees feel better

It is essential that your employees feel involved - and can make their voices heard. Create a digital workplace where everyone can easily communicate and share feedback. This increases engagement and improves the working environment. And that, in turn, increases the well-being of your employees.

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