A unified user experience for the public sector

With Sitevision, you can seamlessly integrate your organisation’s different tools so that they are in one and the same place. This will create an overall user experience for your visitors. If you also want to use federation and a Swedish cloud service, you’ve come to the right place.


Sweden’s municipalities
have chosen Sitevision


Sweden’s regions
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Public collaboration for increased digitalisation

eSam is a member-driven programme for collaboration among 35 public authorities. Together, they want to take haress the power of digitalisation to make life easier for private individuals and companies, and to use shared resources efficiently.

In eSam’s report “Digital Collaboration Platform,” they discuss several different tools that the public sector can use instead of Teams. These can be integrated with Sitevision and several of the integrations have already been completed, while others are in the pipeline.

On-site — or on the go

Video via Quickchannel (on-site)

Video via Screen9 (on site)

Video meeting via Jitsi (ongoing)

Chat via Rocket.Chat (in progress)

Chat via Mattermost (ongoing)

File management via Nextcloud (ongoing)

Ikoner på olika verktyg som dSam rekommenderar.Zoom image

Några av tjänsterna som eSam rekommenderar.

Everything in one place with integrations

You create your website or intranet in Sitevision using 150 ready-made and flexible modules. But you can also combine the strength of Sitevision with more, by integrating other tools and systems.

There are already several ready-made integrations on our marketplace Sitevision Marketplace. We like to team up with others who are experts in their fields. Together, we are even stronger — and you can offer your visitors an integrated digital user experience.

Bärbar dator med Sitevisions startklara mallar och e-sam integrationer.Zoom image

Sitevision from framework agreement

A framework agreement regulates which products and services a supplier should be able to deliver — but also details about prices and terms. A call-off agreement is a framework agreement that you then order against, i.e. order a product or service without the need for additional agreements.

Sitevision is available from several different framework agreements.

Atea Sverige AB, Crayon, Dustin, Forefront Consulting Group AB, Knowit Connectivity AB & Redpill Linpro AB

Atea Sverige AB, Crayon, Dustin, Pulsen AB & SoftwareOne AB

Advania, Atea Sverige AB, Dustin & Insight Technology Solutions AB


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"It makes work more fun for everyone and that should not be underestimated"

Suddenly, we handed out certificate number 500 for Certified Sitevision Website Developer. Who got it? Erik Sylwan who is a senior developer at Webstep and who is also a Certified Sitevision Solution Developer. We decided to call up and talk about Sitevision and training.

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