Rikshem climbed from the bottom to the top — now they have Sweden’s best intranet

As Rikshem has grown rapidly, the need for a better digital platform for collaboration and internal communication has increased. When they asked users to respond to the Web Service Award survey in spring 2020, the results showed that users were not satisfied with the intranet. By the next survey, the new platform was in place and they had the best intranet in Sweden. So wonderful! Congratulations from us!

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Background and challenge

"The intranet should be our central channel for internal communication and it needs to be user-friendly and efficient. Our previous platform wasn't flexible enough; it was slow and cumbersome. The employees couldn't find what they were looking for and the information was out of date. That’s why we needed a new, modern platform that meets the needs we have today."


A new way of working and a stronger corporate culture

In addition to developing a new platform, Rikshem wanted to change its working methods and build a strong corporate culture. To achieve this, they developed clear impact goals to help them accomplish the purpose of the intranet: A Rikshem that simplifies and strengthens individual work and collaboration to achieve the company's goals.

– They had carried out a pilot study to develop the impact targets. They carefully reviewed their target groups and understood their needs by examining statistics, interviewing employees and mappig out customer journeys. "They had also prioritised what is most important and carried out a thorough review of their various document management platforms to find the best way to tackle them," says Charlotta Ivansson, project manager, Soleil.

– The employees responded by saying that they want to be able to exchange experiences and ask each other questions. "We are scattered all over the country and some of us don't have many people to talk to locally," explains Lillemor.

At Soleil, we started by understanding users’ needs and identifying the most relevant target groups. For Rikshem, which has many employees in the field and who are spread across various local offices, it is important to communicate both local and central information in an easy way. All to enhance the user experience by making the right information and the right functions easy to find. Knowing this, we can then begin the work of building Rikshem’s digital workplace.

Integrations that make everyday life easier and more efficient

Employees should be able to easily access all guidelines and procedures related to Rikshem’s processes directly from the intranet, regardless of whether they are in the field or in an office. For example, there is an integration with their document management system where they store all procedures and processes.

– "We have helped them to make all processes searchable on the intranet and produced clear descriptions that are easy for users to understand. It’s also easy for editors to work with pre-defined templates that they can publish. Everything is updated automatically on the intranet when process managers make a new update to the underlying system, which means minimal administration. Other information about who is responsible for the process, links to other and related systems together with FAQ and the possibility to receive suggestions for improvement are also built in. Then we helped them with the information structure to find a clear navigation and grouped the content in a way that is logical for the users. This makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for," Charlotta explains.

To provide Rikshem’s users with a powerful search function that can quickly filter the search result based on what is a document, website, person or social group post, integration with the document management system was necessary. Soleil supported Rikshem by making demads on the supplier.

Involving the entire organisation

Rikshem had a project group that included someone from each part of the organisation. They also ran a reference group to test all the features before releasing them to all employees.

– "Since the Web Service Award report can be broken down by department, I could see where in the organisation employees were dissatisfied and why, so I made sure to involve them properly in the project," says Lillemor.

Thanks to the thorough pilot study, RIkshem really knew what features and types of content their users wanted.

– "We have worked a lot on the content and structure, which we tested thoroughly on the target groups beforehand. "It feels great that we can rest assured that they will find what they are looking for and that the information is correct and up-to-date," says Lillemor.


From one of the worst in the industry to the best in Sweden

In June 2020, Rikshem conducted a Web Service Award survey of the old intranet to get a baseline measurement and confirm that they are building correctly. The difference in user satisfaction differs greatly between spring and winter 2020. In the first survey, the average score was between 29 and 60, in the second it was between 58 and 79. The average score in the industry is between 45 and 59.

– "It’s amazing what a shift they’ve made," says Charlotta.

Among other things, the survey shows that employees save time thanks to the intranet, as it enables a new way of working with information. For example, Rikshem has communicated that they do not want anyone to send emails to large groups, but communicate on the intranet in a small group, in the social flow or via a news item. In this way, the information reaches those who are affected by it, when they themselves have time to absorb it.

– As we wanted to increase interaction on the intranet, we measure and monitor statistics on precisely this. And it has increased considerably. Employees in all parts of the company have a better intranet. "We can also use statistics to see in which departments the users are less satisfied and discuss with them what we can do to improve," says Lillemor.

"We’ve been working with Rikshem since spring 2020 and haven't really met once because of the pandemic. "The results of the project clearly show that everything can be solved remotely.

– "It’s worked really well; we’ve had digital workshops. "Soleil and their team have been very professional, daring to question our ideas and come up with other suggestions. They feel more like a sounding board and a partner than a supplier," concludes Lillemor.

Performance targets for Rikshem’s intranet

Relevant and true​

Increase users’ perception that the information is relevant and true.​

Find easily and accurately

Increase users’ experience of finding the right information and the right functions easily.​

Promote exchange

Rikshem shall promote the exchange of information between users.

Engage and integrate

Rikshem aims to promote user engagement and interaction with each other.​

Comprehensive understanding

Increase users’ awareness of the company’s long-term goals and their understanding of how these relate to day-to-day work.



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