When inspiration decides

Folkpool got exactly what they were looking for — an inspiring and easy-to-manage website with an online shop and connected business system. Product managers can now easily change product information directly on the site via the ERP system.

Background and challenge

The Folkpool website was quite a few years old when it was decided to revamp it. The goal was to create a website with an integrated webshop and a direct link to the ERP system. Said and done!

Två unga personer vid en poolkant.


“Make all the changes yourself”

The webshop is now integrated with the business system, and it fits in just as intended. When product managers make changes in the ERP system, they are immediately displayed on the web.

– For example, if you want to add new products or raise promotional prices, you don't have to go through an online manager, you can make all the changes yourself. "This is effective because it is the product managers who set the prices and have knowledge of the products," explains Agnieszka Lindberg, online manager at Folkpool.

Highlighting images and videos

There was also a desire to be able to highlight images and film material in a better way. Without a doubt, pool and spa products are worth promoting, and it's important that the material is given the best possible showcase. The inspiration, explains Agnieszka Lindberg, is often crucial; it’s about a feeling that needs to be communicated.


Visitors stay longer

The inspiration offered by the website now makes visitors stay longer on the site. And even though they have now reached their goal, they’re constantly looking to develop the site further.

– "Among other things, we would like to further develop the web shop. It’s always about making information easily accessible and convenient for our customers," says Agnieszka Lindberg.



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