SiteVision 4 for editors

The editor will quickly notice that edit mode has become easier and more accessible in SiteVision 4. What is new is that you do not need a Java plugin for editing, which means that it is quicker to go into edit mode. You can also edit content directly on your mobile or tablet.

Here is a brief overview of SiteVision 4 for editors.

Editing mode
Artikelgenvag i redaktörsmenyn

Editor menu

Once you are logged in SiteVision, the editor menu is shown in the lower right corner of your screen. Click on the pen icon to enter edit mode. The pen appears on the pages where you have the permissions to edit the content.

Klicka på redaktörsmenyn för att komma in i redigeringsläget

Article Shortcut

You can create articles, news and blog posts on the site, wherever you are, by using the article shortcut - the icon with the plus-sign. If you do not have permissions to the page you are on, the pen disappears but the article shortcut remains as long as you are logged in.

Edit Mode

The big news in SiteVision 4 is the new edit mode. You will notice how easily you can navigate the structure, whether you're sitting at the computer, on your mobile or tablet. You will recognize many parts from previous versions, while others have changed in appearance.


The Sidebar

The sidebar (left side in edit mode) allows you to search for content, view work history, view the content tree, create new pages (among other things) and publish. The sidebar can also be expanded with additional functions depending on where you are in the structure. All the work you do in SiteVision is saved automatically. The green hand at the top of the sidebar means that the page is saved.
Using the information button at the bottom of the sidebar you can access our Help site and an instructional video for SiteVision 4.


Link path

Underneath the toolbar, you see a breadcrumb that shows where in the structure you are. You can click on the icon in front of the name of the page to navigate to that page in the site.



The toolbar in SiteVision 4 has two new buttons, Edit and View. Via the Edit button, you can undo recent changes, delete the page you are on, save a version of the page and set the page properties. Via the View button you can preview a page.


Status and status information

In the upper right corner of the editing area, you can see status information. Published, Unpublished and Changed are the terms used. Move the mouse over the status icon to display status information.

Dra och släpp i redigeringsytan

Drag and drop

Now you can easily drag and drop portlets, pages and files without having to hold down the shift key. Much easier and much better. Drag and drop without holding the Shift key functions in both the Content sidebar and directly in the editing area via the icon on the top right of the module.
You can also move several modules, pages or files at the same time. Select the portlets, pages or files you want to move by holding down the Shift or Ctrl key (Cmd key on a Mac) and drag and drop.

Delete, move, copy, cut

In SiteVision 4 you can be more efficient when working with modules, pages, and files. By holding down the Ctrl key (Cmd key on a Mac) and selecting multiple modules, pages or files, you can easily delete, move, copy or cut multiple items simultaneously.



We all make mistakes sometimes and luckily in SiteVision 4, you can undo your most recent change or everything you've done since you entered the page. Using the Edit button in the toolbar you can access functions to undo recent changes. When adding a new module or moving a module, you can also cancel it immediately via a blue box on the top right corner of the editing area.

Search in sidebar

Improved search in edit mode

Can't find the page you want to edit, or file you want to link to? SiteVision 4 has a search function to find pages and files that has been improved since previous versions.
Results will be sorted based on where you are in the structure. For example, if you do a search in the file library, files will be listed at the top of the search results. Search has become a little smarter, and is also available everywhere in edit mode.

Create table


In SiteVision 4, table as a separate module, is dead and buried. Now, you simply make tables in the text module via a simple click. You can then edit the table and add and remove content, rows and columns by right-clicking on it directly in the editing area.
You can also use the pre-set table types (created by the administrator) to give the table a special appearance.
When you click on an old table module it will be converted to the new table in the text module.

Read more about tableR

Edit image

Edit your photos

Edit your photos directly in SiteVision 4. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can crop them and do basic editing for contrast, saturation, brightness and exposure. You can also add a stylish image filter to highlight your photos even more.

Media Module

With the upgrade to SiteVision 4, you get access to the new Media module. This module can easily and seamlessly link into movies or posts on social media.

Datum för publicering: 2015-09-22