Edit content of Views​

Custom views are replaced in SiteVision 4 with Views . Accessible content is therefore , from the upgrade to SiteVision 4 , only accessible from the new edit mode . That means , for a transitional period , that you need to make a small " workaround " to edit the modules which are not yet "translated" in to SiteVision 4.

Views is a new way to manage customized content and based on rules , based on criteria , coupled with the views in the editing area . Each view is displayed directly in the content tree , and you can easily and smoothly scroll through the different views in the edit mode .

1. Idenitify the module

Go into the new edit mode, and look for the view with the module you want to edit. Double-click on the portlet in the Content pane. If you are lucky you can edit it in SiteVision 4, if not, proceed to step 2.

Starta det klassiska redigeringsläget

Double-click portlet you want to edit. If you get a box with information "The portlet is only available in the classic editing mode" you can proceed to step 2.

2. Make the module available

Because the contents of a view can only be reached from the new edit mode in SiteVision 4 you need to move the module outside the view. To do this, grab the module with your mouse and drag drop it outside the view-layout.

Flyttad modul

3. Change to the classic edit mode

Click the Done button in the sidebar to take you online.

Klar i sidolisten

While online, hold down the shift key while clicking on the pen in the editor menu. You will then enter the classic edit mode.

4. Open the settings for the module

In the classic edit mode, you can edit the module. You do this by clicking on it, just like in SiteVision 3.

Öppna inställningen för modulen

Once you have made the settings you want in the module, save the changes.

5. Put the module back into the view

To add the module into the view, you need to go into the new edit mode again. You do this by clicking the green button in the classic editing mode going online. Click on the pencil in the editor menu.

Then find the module, highlight it with your mouse and drag drop it back into the view where it was originally. Done!

Flytta tillbaka modulen till vyn

Make use of linked module to avoid having to move the module and jump between the two editing modes. It will help you to make multiple settings and if you want to see the results continuously.

Do this:

Create a temporary page where you put your module (cut and paste through right click). Add a linked module into the view on the "original page" in which you point out the linked module on the temporary page. Make the settings and make changes directly on your page. When you are finished, cut out the module from the temporary side, and put it into the view. Remove the temporary page.

Datum för publicering: 2015-09-22