Release Notes

Information about upgrades in SiteVision 4.

  • Release Notes (01/12 2016)
    Contains only a bug fix for link pages to images or files.
  • Release Notes 4.2 (15/11 2016)
    Sitevision 4.2 is the version where you can build your own elements and integrate your intranet to SharePoint and Office 365. With the function of e-duty you can supply material to the Royal Library automatically. Also includes nearly 80 bug fixes and a fresh feature to translate pages.
  • Release Notes 4.1.3 (27/06 2016)
    4.1.3 is a version with over 40 improvements and bug fixes. Six modules are now available in the new editing mode, as well as all the key settings for Social Collaboration.
    We also have a new loop protection against eternity loops and modules that take a long time to load. The loop prptection is a powerful tool to prevent the site to be affected by individual modules or scripts. You handle the loop protection through the Administration Mode.

  • Release Notes (27/06 2016)
    A bug fixing release for metadata on the website and own search index in the module "faceted search".
  • Release Notes 4.1.2 (27/06 2016)
    Now you can finally manage directory services, virtual groups and users in the new edit mode. In addition there are three additional modules and a variety of functions moved to the new edit mode. 4.1.2 also contains over 30 bugs resolved and several improvements.
  • Release Notes 4.1.1 (06/04 2016)
    Version 4.1.1 is the first update to 4.1. In this version you will find two new permissions, new indexing settings for modules and over 35 bug fixes.

    In version 4.1.1, you can:
    1. use your own 'fallback font "for a style
    2. publishing video in .mov format
    3. remove table types
    4. make reservations without the risk of double booking
    5. bookmark posts in closed groups

      and much more...

  • Release Notes 4.1 (08/03 2016)
    SiteVision 4.1 is finally here! Create responsive forms, slideshows and tables; build templates and use the over 70 modules and 100 functions now available in the new edit mode. SiteVision 4.1 is the version that is more than ready for the mobile world.
  • Release Notes 4.0.4 (10/02 2016)
    4.0.4 is a long-awaited upgrade that includes over 30 bug fixes. Patches fix problems such as image editing, page lock in edit mode and the deadlock that can cause SiteVision to restart.

    This version also includes a very important bug fix that results in a change in behavior by Google's crawlers (Googlebot.)

  • Release Notes 4.0.3 (28/10 2015)
    Now the Archive module is available in the new edit mode. It is now possible to search among users in the new edit mode, for instance to select page editor or assign permissions and roles. On top of that the version brings 14 bug fixes, among those you'll find fixes for the new edit mode and one regarding new users getting their permissions while using SAML login.
  • Release Notes 4.0.2 (10/09 2015)
    We are proud to present 4.0.2. This version contains 70 points of improvements, news and fixes.4.0.2 comes with improved handling of views. Beyond that an additional ten modules have been adapted to the new edit mode and the function to notify subscribers is now also present there.
  • Release Notes 4.0.1 (22/09 2015)
    Version 4.0.1 is the first update of SiteVision 4 in which we continue to improve Sweden's most popular Web publishing tool.

    The content of the version 4.0.1 offers 13 improvements and 56 bug fixes .

  • Release Notes (22/11 2016)
    A bug fix release for customers who had problems upgrading to SiteVision 4.2. Also includes a bug fix for the translation feature. If you already updated to 4.2 without any problems, it is not necessary to update to

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