Release Notes 4.0.2

We are proud to present 4.0.2. This version contains 70 points of improvements, news and fixes.

4.0.2 comes with improved handling of views. Beyond that an additional ten modules have been adapted to the new edit mode and the function to notify subscribers is now also present there.

Modules now available in the new edit mode

  • [SV-16594] Multilevel link
  • [SV-16654] Today
  • [SV-16659] IFrame
  • [SV-16656] Linked portlet
  • [SV-16657] Archive menu
  • [SV-16658] Related information
  • [SV-16652] Random image
  • [SV-16547] Search field
  • [SV-16554] Search field for user
  • [SV-16555] Search field user and content

Functions added to the new edit mode

  • [SV-16933] Auto-completion of address in the link dialog if an external address, an email address or a phone number has been highlighted
  • [SV-16751] Possible to notify subscribers during publishing
  • [SV-16748] Edit image descriptions directly in the image archive
  • [SV-16655] Configuration panel for RSS-sources on the website
  • [SV-16573] New criteria for views to control the language of a page
  • [SV-16695] Configuration panel for central settings regarding blogs on the website
  • [SV-15748] Possible to create quotes while editing text

Developer related news and improvements

  • [SV-16718] Support for configuration of external portlets in the new edit mode
  • [SV-16926] Possible to use "/editor/log" per website for users with the permission "Manage developer functions"
  • [SV-16765] New methods in NodeIteratorUtil to get an iterator for a node via it's identifier
  • [SV-16488] Possible to access virtual groups as 'groups'-property from a sv:simpleUser
  • [SV-16872] Support for resolving JCR-properties with string value as Date/Calendar if the value matches one ot the default formats in SiteVision
  • [SV-14108] Support for advanced parameters in ExtendedDismaxParserBuilder and StandardParserBuilder

More on API-changes is available in the SiteVision Public API change log

Other improvements and news

  • [SV-16543] Upgrade of Cassandra to version 2.1.7
  • [SV-16271] Upgrade of Java to version 8u60
  • [SV-16675] Improvements to the translations for Norwegian and Finnish visitors

Bug fixes in the new edit mode


  • [SV-16852] Customize content in views is shown for the last met rule instead of for the first met rule
  • [SV-16713] The customize content icon is not always present when it should be
  • [SV-16819] The menu for customize content in views has no scrollbar and can appear outside of the browser
  • [SV-16746] The menu for customize content in views is visible even when only selectable views are present
  • [SV-16712] Not possible to edit views with criteria based on language or metadata


  • [SV-16834] Problems uploading images and files using drag and drop with some operating systems
  • [SV-16846] Not possible to set a width for layouts in table-based layouts (non css columns)
  • [SV-16608] Incomplete pagination while browsing users in permission settings
  • [SV-16605] Users outside of the directory service search base can be selected using the link path
  • [SV-16812] Image editing does not work when the URL contains both "www" and a hyphen
  • [SV-16663] Scrolling in the linked layout selection should be handled individually for pages and layouts
  • [SV-16628] Problem opening layout properties when a user-defined colour is used as background colour
  • [SV-16581] Not possible to target folders using link definition metadata
  • [SV-15636] Pages cannot be created or copied if the short name is already taken
  • [SV-16803] New structure pages lack short names

Bug fixes in the classic edit mode

  • [SV-16761] It is not possible to upload folders containing subfolders to the File library
  • [SV-16680] The function "Add role for article creator" is not working for the Blog module and the Archive module
  • [SV-16643] The link to create blog posts and news articles are visible in edit mode
  • [SV-16710] Error message shown when using the forgot password feature in closed Surveys
  • [SV-16728] The HTML-portlet can display incorrect settings
  • [SV-15995] The category "Document format Office document" only covers Word-files in Search (faceted) module

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-16775] External resources linked in a Timeline post may be truncated
  • [SV-16075] Liking a comment on a post in a Timeline also affects the number of likes on the post
  • [SV-16477] Deleting posts may cause the rendering of the Timeline and also make writing new posts impossible
  • [SV-15512] Problem listing all groups if one group is not functioning
  • [SV-16646] The author of a page comment receives no notification when someone likes the comment
  • [SV-14838] Files in removed groups can be accessed via WebDAV
  • [SV-16974] Document editing may fail if the group is given the same name as a group in the Trashcan

Generic bug fixes

  • [SV-15124] The wildcard search option in Search, Search (faceted), Search field user and content cannot find words containing a hyphen
  • [SV-16670] In some cases Search filed suggestions can appear behind other elements on the page
  • [SV-16756] Editors using Dutch in their browser are not able to edit text
  • [SV-15871] The final link in a tweet may be truncated in the Twitter search module
  • [SV-16714] The language criteria "English" does not match unless the page has an  English speaking country selected
  • [SV-16617] The criteria "Authenticated users" does not recognize users logged in via SAML
  • [SV-16674] Some media types have been deprecated resulting in validation errors
  • [SV-16745] Upgrading from SiteVision 3 does not work for TAR-distribution
  • [SV-16716] Problems connecting the user to the directory service when logging in using Kerberos

Developer related bug fixes

  • [SV-16709] Serve resource doesn't support ResourceURL.setResourceID(...)
  • [SV-16666] Portlet action can lead to WindowState incorrectly being set to "solo"
  • [SV-16690] Serve resource in combination with Spring MVC 3.1.1 results in NullPointerException
  • [SV-12255] It is possible to gain access to nodes in other websites on the server and to nodes without having the right permissions

Datum för publicering: 2015-09-10