Release Notes 4.0.1

Version 4.0.1 is the first update of SiteVision 4 in which we continue to improve Sweden's most popular Web publishing tool.

The content of the version 4.0.1 offers 13 improvements and 56 bug fixes .

Here are some of the highlights :

  • The modules Menu and Search listing are now available in the new edit mode
  • Ability to customize content based on virtual groups
  • Information related to metadata type related information also supports ordinary text and user information.
  • Improved performance when upgrading to SiteVision 4

Improvements and new features

Edit mode

  • [SV-16421] Improved performance in the navigaton tree
  • [SV-16498] New Criteria Type to evaluate if a user belongs to a virtual group
  • [SV-16524] Ability to select virtual groups from the list of users who have access to the new edit mode
  • [SV-16417] Ability to select permission to the new edit mode for editors in the classic edit mode



  • [SV-16373] Ability to configure the portlet Menu in the new edit mode

Search listing

  • [SV-16372] Ability to configure the portlet Search listing in the new edit mode

Developer Related

  • [SV-16376] Supports JavaScript URLs in ResourceLocatorUtil.getNodeByUrl
  • [SV-16490] Methods in the API to check if a user is a member of a group

More on API changes on SiteVision Public API change log


  • [SV-15487] Performance improvement when upgrading to SiteVision 4
  • [SV-16529] Icons for all Office files (dot, dotx, docm, DOTM, XLT, XLTX, XLTM, xlsm, pot, potx)
  • [SV-16527] Filtering component labelling (VBA) when indexing dot-files
  • [SV-16274] Upgrade of Backbone to version 1.2.0 - used only in edit mode
  • [SV-16331] Upgrade of jQuery to version 1.11.3 - used only in edit mode

Bug fixes

Edit mode

  • [SV-16557] Information related to metadata related information does not support text and user in the editing interface
  • [SV-16521] The validation check reports errors for valid relative links that start with question marks
  • [SV-16356] Finish button disappears when you start the publishing flow of an already published page
  • [SV-16487] Indicator on the pages being published recursively, are missing
  • [SV-16544] When sorting a folder, it is not reflected at once in the content view
  • [SV-16191] A confirmation box appears before social identities are created for users in a directory service
  • [SV-16532] Editors can see the server object if the permissions are set to public
  • [SV-16422] Views get "extra space" in the classic editing mode
  • [SV-16457] Problems changing the look of the layout or module in templates that are placed directly in the template area
  • [SV-16146] The permission "Manage developer functions" makes it
    possible to edit files via "Edit file" even if you don't have permission
  • [SV-16454] Problems when you try to edit an image and save the image as new
  • [SV-16445] It is not possible to publish link pages without short name
  • [SV-16444] It is not possible to select group templates with content areas on group pages
  • [SV-16380] Link dialogue will not remember what the editor previously linked to
  • [SV-16360] The "Customize content button" is visible despite the fact that a page has no views
  • [SV-16211] Unable to drag and drop portlets into empty layouts that have a decoration template
  • [SV-16333] If someone unlocks your page lock and you then click on the same text module again, no new lock is received directly
  • [SV-16596] Unable to create folders in the image portlet in classic edit mode
  • [SV-16600] Create group template requires a description
  • [SV-16491] Superior page has status "Changed" when a subpage to it is created
  • [SV-16440] Problems removing the last node in a container when the trash ha ssomething in it
  • [SV-16434] Problems with selecting users in edit mode
  • [SV-16406] You see the wrong view offline
  • [SV-16399] The information boxes are not consistent for images, files, portlets ...
  • [SV-16378] Unable to expand the folders under the server object
  • [SV-16366] Error if you check the "Inherit metadata value" and the value is empty
  • [SV-16362] Text and image portlets have different icons in the content tree and in each portlet selector
  • [SV-16525] Incorrect Icons of information / properties of portlet and layout


Image album

  • [SV-16465] Problems starting the album with thumbnails

File share

  • [SV-16451] Problems with the settings in the file share module in classic edit mode
  • [SV-16394] Problems pointing to libraries from groups in Social Collaboration
  • [SV-15989] It is possible to upload files to groups in Social Collaboration


  • [SV-16408] ALT text missing on the image, leading to validation error


  • [SV-16374] Nashorn should be the default settings in new modules


  • [SV-16453] Links in text modules that are not in their content areas are clickable, even in edit mode
  • [SV-16558] Problems editing text if the chosen primary paragraph style is not a paragraph style
  • [SV-16455]When selecting and changing the style of links, formatting and information may disappear
  • [SV-16371] Vertical adjustment of the table content sometimes does not work properly in Firefox


  • [SV-16413] Group Folders in Social Collaboration are not recognized as folders in Vizzit
  • [SV-16415] Empty file libraries on the site are included in Vizzit report
  • [SV-16414] Groups in Social Collaboration lack "type" in Vizzit
  • [SV-16412] The root in the file library on the website is not shown as a folder in Vizzit
  • [SV-16051] Generation of Vizzit report can fail where the structures have many layers or circular references

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-16053] When unpublishing a group as the last owner to leave the group, the name "Error" occurs in Timeline.
  • [SV-16473]Files storage and information about individual group files is accessible from completely deleted groups

Developer related

  • [SV-16470, SV-16539] Settings for custom portlets through PortletMode "config" are not saved
  • [SV-16508] It is possible to pick out the "Custom Index" which does not include the site via the public API
  • [SV-16480] The function for retrieving administrators and members of Social Collaboration returns inactive users


  • [SV-16388] The internal cache object can use a lot of memory, which in the worst case can lead to OutOfMemoryException
  • [SV-16407] Incorrect logging when sending e-mail fails
  • [SV-16481] Problems when importing archives created in SiteVision 4 where "user criteria" been used
  • [SV-14543] The names of folders and files are not escaped when accessed via / WebDAV
  • [SV-16541] Sorting of pages do not work in a cluster

Datum för publicering: 2015-09-22