Release Notes 4.0.3

Now the Archive module is available in the new edit mode. It is now possible to search among users in the new edit mode, for instance to select page editor or assign permissions and roles. On top of that the version brings 14 bug fixes, among those you'll find fixes for the new edit mode and one regarding new users getting their permissions while using SAML login.

Important information regarding this upgrade

Modules now available in the new edit mode

  • [SV-15552] Archive

Functions now available in the new edit mode

  • [SV-16858] Possible to search users in directory services

Developer related improvements

  • [SV-15924] Possible to fetch and add previous addresses with RedirectUtil

Bug fixes in the new edit mode

Edit mode

  • [SV-17033] Articles are not added at the top of the archive when created in the new edit mode
  • [SV-17317] The "Done" button is visible while working with page templates and decorations
  • [SV-17352] It is not possible to add rights to Virtual Groups
  • [SV-17296] It is not possible to edit permissions on group pages
  • [SV-17350] Problem to break inheritance of permissions
  • [SV-17016] Problems in Internet Explorer with creating pages based on templates residing within folders


  • [SV-16914] Problem to browse through months when "Update automatically when a date is selected" is in use in the module


  • [SV-17286] Limit the amount of visible articles to 10 is selected by default after upgrade to 4.0.2
  • [SV-14403] RSS-import of images may lead to locked threads
  • [SV-15646] It is possible to select archives from other websites while being logged in as system account

Generic bug fixes

  • [SV-17228] Permission problems for SAML-users whom have not logged in to SiteVision previously

Developer related bug fixes

  • [SV-17359] It is not possible to fetch link objects pointing to pages where read permissions are missing
  • [SV-17356] Erroneous objects in the result when related metadata are fetched with MetadataUtil by users lacking permissions to links
  • [SV-17370] Problem fetching metadata for files and images in visitor mode with MetadataUtil.getLinkMetadataPropertyValue

Datum för publicering: 2015-10-28