Release Notes 4.0.4

4.0.4 is a long-awaited upgrade that includes over 30 bug fixes. Patches fix problems such as image editing, page lock in edit mode and the deadlock that can cause SiteVision to restart.

This version also includes a very important bug fix that results in a change in behavior by Google's crawlers (Googlebot.)

Important information regarding this upgrade

Bug fixes in the new edit mode

Edit mode

  • [SV-17068] Navigator Tree scroll up to the top when you click on pages in Internet Explorer
  • [SV-17503] The editing interface cannot be started if the browser is in Norwegian
  • SV-17441] Problems uploading files to page when creating a link, dispite proper access control.
  • [SV-17454] Pages can drop the publication date, and then get a clock symbol which do not disappear
  • [SV-17675] Broken objects missing icons in the navigation tree
  • [SV-17530] Unable to change page template recursively
  • [SV-17483] Difficult to open properties in the layout/module when the background colour is user defined
  • [SV-17800] Options from SiteVision 2.6 to select single items or multiple items can be lost when editing
  • [SV-17603] Linked layout combined with views can lead to everlasting loop
  • [SV-17737] Editors cannot unlock their own page lock
  • [SV-17447] Unable to publish templates where required metadata are missing values
  • [SV-17391] Criteria view shows the website's metadata instead of the current page
  • [SV-17369] Live Properties do not work on column settings



  • [SV-17444] The setting for alternative image can be inadvertently activated
  • [SV-17420] Problem with image editing in Internet Explorer

Blog, Blog menu

  • [SV-17259] "Pagination" of the blog does not work with blog menu


  •  [SV-17842] Unable to add the new link list modules

Language selector

  •  [SV-8574] Selectable languages ​​are presented in random order


  •  [SV-14376] Signup causes an unfinished div tag

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-15883] Attachments in Activity feed are not removed when the post is deleted
  • [SV-14475]The dialog box to remove posts in your activity feed can end up being displayed incorrectly on small screens


  • [SV-17912] Google Indexing Googlebot blocked since changed its rules on the handling of wildcards in robots.txt
  • [SV-14146] No log of scheduled publishing
  • [SV-17738] Hide and show toolbars does not work in Safari
  • [SV-17192] SiteVision can restart due to "deadlock" in TemporaryStateService
  • [SV-17461] Time-controlled publications and workflows can disrupt synchronisation in clusters
  • [SV-16861] "Scroll" is missing for the visitors in the choice of selectable views
  • [SV-16946] "Simple User" as used in federated logins need to be handled on site ¹
  • [SV-11129] The list of active users on the site can include users from other sites

Developer related

  • [SV-17510] The index Field jcrtype sometimes get no value for non-public items
  • [SV-17427] ClassCastException at "getProperty" metadata where legacy cancelled without new value specified
  • [SV-17436] Synonyms of the user index is not migrated correctly when upgrading from SiteVision 3


¹ For sites where SAML is enabled, a minor update scripts to run in conjunction with the upgrade.

Datum för publicering: 2016-02-10