Release Notes 4.1

SiteVision 4.1 is finally here! Create responsive forms, slideshows and tables; build templates and use the over 70 modules and 100 functions now available in the new edit mode. SiteVision 4.1 is the version that is more than ready for the mobile world.

Important information

  1. The site is not accessible to visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision update scripts are running.
  2. The Search function is limited until SiteVision has created new search indexes.
  3. When upgrading SiteVision in a clustered environment, there will need to be an upgrade stoppages.

Modules and functions made available in the new edit mode

Another 40 modules have been translated and moved to the new edit mode. Full list!

Now you can use more than 100 functions in the new edit mode. Full list!

Improvements and new functionality

New modules

  • [SV-12972] Image slidshow - new module for creating responsive slideshows
  • [SV-16863] Video - new module for integrating mp4 files from local file libraries

Edit mode

  • [SV-17714] Improvements to previewing template fonts
  • [SV-17716] Special handling of BODY in font settings
  • [SV-18985] New font size unit: "rem"
  • [SV-17323] Page activity with history for each page
  • [SV-17870] Increased contrast for shadow colours to improve readability of tables
  • [SV-18448] Colour Picker handles colour opacity
  • [SV-17628] Confirmation question when a dialog is closed with "Abort" and there are unsaved changes
  • [SV-17572] See "dn" while hovering over a user on the permissions panel
  • [SV-16968] See which rules or target group a custom view is linked to
  • [SV-16970] Easier to clear customised content
  • [SV-18491] Six new panels instead of "Additional Head elements"
  • [SV-17769] New permissions to control access to filters and colours when editing image


E-mail form, Survey, Questions form, Signup

  • [SV-17193] New "editor" for editing forms
  • [SV-17522] Support for "input types" such as email, url, phone number in text field
  • [SV-17786] Client-based validation through what is "required" in the text field

Blog, Link list, News

  • [SV-17523] Support for responsive images


  • [SV-18765] The portlet "Page comments" has been replaced with the module "Comments "
  • [SV-18847] Turn off the display of profile picture


  • [SV-18058] Support for responsive tables

Tell a friend

  • [SV-14993] Captcha must be enabled on the site to avoid spam


  • [SV-17554] Send the editor's name as a parameter to Vizzit

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-17545] New functionality in the timeline to bookmark posts
  • [SV-17544] New module to show bookmarked posts ("Bookmarked posts")
  • [SV-17544] New module to show followers ("Followers")
  • [SV-17546] New module for creating documents in groups ("Create documents")
  • [SV-13090] Deactivate user identity
  • [SV-16986] Set user identity as searchable / non-searchable
  • [SV-16987] New permission for managing inactivation and searchability
  • [SV-17648] Improved responsiveness of video clips in timeline
  • [SV-17730] intelligent "View More" and "Less" in timeline
  • [SV-14341] The option to hide group pictures in portlet "Groups" and "All groups
  • [SV-16881] Notifications when new posts are created in groups
  • [SV-14281] Editing documents with MS Office when logged in using SAML


  • [SV-14880] The distribution of external documents into clusters through indexing rather than direct calls to each search index
    [SV-18399] Improved handling of documents with embedded data that use UTF-16 or UTF-32 incorrectly

Developer related

  • [SV-17547] Atmosphere upgrade to version 2.3.5
  • [SV-13200] Upgrade of CAS to version 3.4.1
  • [SV-16692] Cassandra upgrade to version 2.2.5
  • [SV-17548] Hazelcast upgrade to version 3.5.3
  • [SV-18486] Upgrade to Java version 8u74
  • [SV-16938] Upgrade Rhino to version 1.7.7
  • [SV-17622] Upgrade to Tomcat version 8.0.28
  • [SV-17911] Upgrade the libraries used at login to Facebook
  • [SV-18000] MIME mapping for the file type ".vtt"
  • [SV-18108] MIME mapping for the file type ".xbel"
  • [SV-17322] Connection via JMX even if SiteVision fails to start
  • [SV-18879] Support for Apache Shibboleth as IDP SAML

Developer related - API

  • [SV-17460] Improved performance in PropertyUtil for mandatory properties in JCR
  • [SV-17892] Download enum values via the require function
  • [SV-14960] Download other user data saved via PortletRequest.USER_INFO
  • [SV-13455] Save data to the user via an API
  • [SV-17376] Download all the groups a user is following via public APIs
  • [SV-13436] Retrieves the times when each social group was most recently changed and sort groups based on these times
  • [SV-15467] Change the group type and group status through CollaborationGroupUtil
  • [SV-17829] Explicitly create and complete text portlets for H1-H6 via WebContentUtil
  • [SV-17820] Add metadata in text modules via WebContentUtil
  • [SV-17297] Include searches via public API in search statistics
  • [SV-17968] New node filter identifier in NodeFilterUtil
  • [SV-17961] New method, LocaleUtil, to collect all locales
  • [SV-17881] New methods in MimeTypeUtil to check file types
  • [SV-17731] New methods in TemplateUtil and CollaborationGroupTemplateUtil for working with templates
  • [SV-18866] Support for link pages in PublishingUtil

    Read more about API changes on SiteVision Public API change log


  • [SV-18523] New interface /admin for administration of cluster and server properties
  • [SV-18525] New common event log for system events in clusters
  • [SV-18202] Enter the ip address for the new cluster nodes when extended
  • [SV-17310] Automatic support for responsive images on responsive websites
  • [SV-15838] A / B tests integrated with Google Analytics (requires license
  • [SV-18243] Limit the maximum size of images and files per site
  • [SV-18518] Support for rendering layouts HTML5 element <main>
  • [SV-18240] Move "/ editor / log" to "/ admin / tail / log" to simplify blocking and use more consistent addresses
  • [SV-18741] Use a more modern user-agent in HTTP calls from SiteVision to other systems link checking, W3C validation and proxy portlet
  • [SV-18761] Error message if no role is assigned to the user

Bug fixes

Edit mode

  • [SV-17238] Missing information for the name and type in the properties for grids
  • [SV-16866] You can add local metadata fields in the page templates
  • [SV-18403] Cannot create a target group without first creating a rule
  • [SV-18122] Quick clicks can lead to multiple pages with the same name
  • [SV-17833] Problems using escape in modal dialogs
  • [SV-18438] Problems saving text of articles when the metadata field "SV.Title" does not point to any portlet
  • [SV-18104] Accessibility Validation cannot handle some pages, resulting in failed publication
  • [SV-17867] There is no "pagination" folder in image and file libraries
  • [SV-17667] "Run accessibility test now" " does not work
  • [SV-17932] White page when navigating to a site structure where the source page is unpublished
  • [SV-18344] You can add modules to a structural page
  • [SV-18382] Missing validation of the substance and content of the subscription updates when publishing
  • [SV-18547] Element <footer> missing for layouts in new edit mode
  • [SV-16613] The icon is not grey when changing Properties
  • [SV-18524] The language specified for the criterion of the page language is not stored after a restart
  • [SV-18253] EditServlet and EditorMenuServlet do not recieve PUT for the header Content-Type which can cause problems when editing
  • [SV-16990] Problems using the toolbar in combination with decorations
  • [SV-18169] "Done" button is visible (incorrectly) on newly created link pages
  • [SV-18743] Better control of file type uploading images to the image library
  • [SV-18464] Problems when managing permissions in the directory services where there is a flat hierarchy and many users
  • [SV-18898] Edit mode does not start properly when calling up the / editor after login with SAML


Image explorer

  • [SV-18739] Problems when setting the image filters


  • [SV-10821] Not all bookings are visably in some cases under "My bookings"

E-mail form, Questions form

  • [SV-17595] Error grand total for PDF export in the question type "Order field"
  • [SV-16935] Auto-complete of "mobile" in the question type " User information" does not work for users who are logged in with SAML

Questions form

  • [SV-18017] PDF export of personal data questions can sometimes use the wrong language


  • [SV-12957] Inadequate SPAM protection


  • [SV-18337] Problems opening new modules where an RSS source is at the top combined with the use of meta-data restriction


  • [SV-18012] Creating links to folders and libraries
  • [SV-17811] Linked text in table can have incorrect formatting
  • [SV-18150] Right Click menu missing translation to English
  • [SV-18717] Click in the table means that the page is flagged as changed even though that is not the case

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-18416]Publish group templates where there are mandatory metadata fields with missing values
  • [SV-18454] No notification is sent to a user who is added or removed from a group of administrators
  • [SV-12789] No notification is sent when a user is removed from events
  • [SV-17671] Embedding is not working in the module "Entry in timeline"
    [SV-18411] Improved handling of incorrect messages that arrive through WebSockets / longpolling
  • [SV-17630] Upload multiple photos of the same name in groups


  • [SV-16673] Blank reports that are created when generating search statistics should not be attached to e-mail
  • [SV-18492] If there are multiple indexes on same site so can only the last index be used in search modules

Developer Related

  • [SV-17615] External portlets that do not support the "CONFIG" cannot be placed in the new edit mode
  • [SV-17349] Page /Article created via PageUtil / ArticleUtil can get wrong language if a locale is not actively specified
  • [SV -17 853] ResourceLocatorUtil.getLocalImageRepository (Node) does not work on newly created pages in the online
  • [SV-17908] LocaleUtil.getLanguageTag (Locale) returns incorrect value for the locales that use variants
  • [SV-17863] WebContentUtil do not support the import of mailto links
  • [ SV-17846] WebContentUtil can crash if the contents of a style tag do not end with ";"
  • [SV-17827] WebContentUtil can crash if there is no active text portlet when the anchor links are created

    Read more about API changes on SiteVision Public API change log


  • [SV-17018] Exports may take an unnecessarily long time when they contain many social users with many notifications
  • [SV-18118] Views linked to target groups are not evaluated if they are located in the templates
  • [SV-17348] Update Scripts can be executed on cluster nodes not yet updated
  • [SV-18168] SAML user that was created / updated via REST API, has no ID and cannot be converted correctly
  • [SV-17784] Consistency service can end up in an "infinite loop" if you have a cluster that throws a timeout exception when all nodes are up
  • [SV-17748] Cassandra may stop responding when attempting to save large amounts of data
  • [SV-18745] Incorrect validation warnings for footer elements in HTML5
  • [SV-18734] URL setting disappears after redirecting the login via SAML

Datum för publicering: 2016-03-08