Extramaterial SiteVision 4.2

Features available in the new edit mode

Now you can make settings for even more features in the new edit mode. Here is the list of the over 100 functions that you can access in SiteVision 4.1:

Page properties

  • Panel Background
  • Panel Access requirements
  • Panel Workflow
  • Panel Subscription
  • Panel Local CSS assets (former "Additional HEAD elements")
  • Panel Local JavaScript assets (former "Additional HEAD elements")
  • Panel RSS (former "Additional HEAD elements")
  • Panel Snippets (former "Additional HEAD elements")

Template properties

  • Panel Metadata fields
  • Descriptions (panel Settings)
  • Panel Print
  • Panel CSS assets (former "Additional HEAD elements")
  • Panel JavaScript assets (former "Additional HEAD elements")

Site settings

  • Settings for edit address (panel Addresses)
  • Settings for sender e-mail (panel Addresses)
  • Panel Aliases
  • Settings for login page and error page (panel Landing pages)
  • Settings for local image & file libraries on pages (panel Settings)
  • Settings for default unit for size (panel Settings)
  • Settings for title - Velocity template (panel Settings)
  • Panel Colours
  • Panel Fonts
  • Panel Image sizes
  • Settings for links (panel Links)
  • Panel Decorations
  • Settings for decoration template (panel Decorations)
  • Settings for CSS-rule (panel Decorations)
  • Panel Roles
  • Panel Workflows
  • Panel Link control
  • Panel Best before
  • Panel Responsive web
  • Settings for grids ( panel Responsive web)
  • Panel Metadata fields (metadata inserted via templates)
  • Panel Content areas
  • Settings for template areas (Panel Content areas)
  • Panel Print
  • Panel Google Analytics settings
  • Panel Vizzit
  • Panel Validate Text
  • Panel Text messages

Other settings and features

  • Export and import pages
  • Administration of licenses in server properties
  • Support for validating text
  • Cut and paste text by other means than using the shortcuts
  • Edit text files directly (button in the file library )
  • Support for metadata type keywords