Release Notes 4.1.1

Version 4.1.1 is the first update to 4.1. In this version you will find two new permissions, new indexing settings for modules and over 35 bug fixes.

In version 4.1.1, you can:

  1. use your own 'fallback font "for a style
  2. publishing video in .mov format
  3. remove table types
  4. make reservations without the risk of double booking
  5. bookmark posts in closed groups

    and much more...

  Important information when upgrading from 4.0.x

  1. The site is not accessible to visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision update scripts are running.
  2. The Search function is limited until SiteVision has created new search indexes.
  3. When upgrading SiteVision in a clustered environment, there will need to be an upgrade stoppages.

Improvements and new features

Edit mode

  • [SV-16888] Eligibility controlled the right to cancel the permission inheritance
  • [SV-16887] Admission Control right to make websites public
  • [SV-19190] Select whether the addition of JavaScript or CSS to be automatically compressed
  • [SV-17034] Settings for indexing a module or not
  • [SV-19184] Support for editing Velocity files (.vm) and JSON files (.json)



  • [SV-19014] Point out the files in the file library instead of entering your "own" Code


  • [SV-18993] Support for the file type ".mov" (mp4 from iPhone / iPad)

Developer related

  • [SV-19137] Download the content from text-based files with new methods of FileUtil


  • [SV-19074] Set request timeout during SAML login
  • [SV-19155] Improved automatic compression of JavaScript extensions

Bug fixes

Edit mode

  • [SV-19189] Better resolution in the Preview Mode for Ipad
  • [SV-18732] Page language used when "content objects" created on the sides
  • [SV-18996] Buttons in the workflow is inactive although not mandatory comments
  • [SV-19251] All site settings are accessible from the site's file library, image library, archive template or decorative template archive
  • [SV-18990] The carousel to selectable views do not work with custom CSS
  • [SV-19211] Problems with choosing the element type <article>
  • [SV-19082] Remove table types from a table
  • [SV-19029] Preview of stylesheets do not take into account your own CSS to body
  • [SV-19017] Font-size to over 100% of stylesheets if % is selected then before
  • [SV-19018] "Font-size' of styles with several decimal places
  • [SV-19068] Incorrect generated CSS own 'fallback font "
  • [SV-18960] Link Control to address
  • [SV-19001] Rights at external portlets disappear when the roles are saved
  • [SV-19166] The link "Add metadata" appears when the related metadata is inherited



  • [SV-19120] Reservations spanning several days appears only in a day

E-mail form, Questions form

  • [SV-19178] The accessibility Error HTML5 text field that has several lines
  • [SV-19197] The answer form sent via e-mail may contain double headers

List bookmarks

  • [SV-18943] Problems to see the list of the deleted pages are among the favorites


  • [SV-19188] Incorrect CSS can be generated for the width of the tables
  • [SV-19083] Set the row height in tables

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-19066] Activity Feeds is not shown because "StringIndexOutOfBoundsException"
  • [SV-14415] People with names ending in "s" gets double "s" in the name
  • [SV-18384] All team members are not listed when two or more have the same name
  • SV-19209] Bookmark Post in closed groups
  • [SV-19275] Users who no longer included in the search base of the directory service may still appear as followers
  • [SV-19266]Problems to edit documents with Office 2016 because of unexpected value in the Authorization header


  • [SV-19156] File icon is not displayed for some external links to DOCX files in search results


  • [SV-18832] Unnecessary decimal places displayed for the file sizes for links (KB, MB)
  • [SV-19159] Search log may contain requests without completed searches
  • [SV-19164] Incorrect views when loading the page
  • [SV-19210] Main tag is missing "display: block" in sitevision.css
  • [SV-19185] CSS files can be written down by the automatic compression of proprietary CSS extensions
  • [SV-19239] Mobile views do not work for visitors
  • [SV-19057] Problems upgrading from SiteVision 3 due to conflict in the update script
  • [SV-18027] Kerberos configuration file (krb5.conf) to be loaded from the "/ custom / conf" instead of "/ jre / lib / security" to avoid overwriting when upgrading

Datum för publicering: 2016-04-06