Release Notes 4.1.2

Now you can finally manage directory services, virtual groups and users in the new edit mode. In addition there are three additional modules and a variety of functions moved to the new edit mode. 4.1.2 also contains over 30 bugs resolved and several improvements.

Modules and functions available in the new editing mode


  • Contact
  • Quick Publish
  • Faceted search


  • Directory services on the website and server
  • Virtual groups
  • Login Filter and login modules
  • Manage users on the site (new setting category)
  • Website Short Name
  • URL style
  • Bullet lists
  • Access Requirements on folders
  • Server Manager, server address and e-mail server
  • New interface for managing versions of pages
  • Vizzit this page

Improvements and new features

  • [SV-19380] Norwegian in edit mode
  • [SV-19711] File icons for PowerPoint templates (.potm)
  • [SV-18726] Setting the gap between the field type Personal Data in the modules E-mail Form and Question form
  • [SV-19703] Ability to create temporary nodes through the API

Bug fixes

Editing mode

  • [SV-19282] CSS class name is changed when changing the names of fonts
  • [SV-19658] Change style type when the header type is selected
  • [SV-19222] Sort permissions tab in alphabetical order
  • [SV-19091] Sort alias in alphabetical order
  • [SV-17409] Problem to paste folders in image and file archives
  • [SV-19264] Not being able to change the title of the article for properties
  • [SV-19183] Issue to open the link dialogue when using own defined color
  • [SV-19252] Unclear texts for settings of the inherit concept of metadata fields
  • [SV-19713] Make settings in the metadata fields on folders and archives available for visitors online
  • [SV-19426] New external portlets disappears from the page if a standard module is removed immediately before
  • [SV-19492] Weekly search statistics reports mail fail during operation on Windows
  • [SV-19400] "Match all docs" question does not work together with wildcard search
  • [SV-19496] Problems in the live search for keyword suggestions when the visitor tries to write "&" or "("


  • [SV-19336] Problems with line-height: 0 in the module Image
  • [SV-19191] Bold style for name in forms does not apply to the comment field in the modules E-mail form, Question form and Sign up.
  • [SV-18690] The fields title and location can not be used in the module Comments.

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-19075] Skype / SIP links in user fields are incorrectly "mailto:" - linked
  • [SV-19158] ]Timelines can crash if "" occurs in posts or comments
  • [SV-19499] Users outside the search base is shown in the module All user contacts / followers

Developer Related

  • [SV-19479] CollaborationDateResolver returns no value for group pages
  • [SV-19488] The metadata of type "Connection to the media module" can not be downloaded as JCR property
  • [SV-19546] MetadataUtil.isMetadataValueInherited may return an incorrect value for the metadata that are not inherited automatically
  • [SV-19487] DirectoryObjectUpdater can cause double reloads from LDAP if notifications of changes occurring simultaneously

    More on API changes on the SiteVision Public API change log

Datum för publicering: 2016-06-27

Important information when upgrading from 4.0.x

  1. The site is not accessible to visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision update scripts are running.
  2. The Search function is limited until SiteVision has created new search indexes.
  3. When upgrading SiteVision in a clustered environment, there will need to be an upgrade stoppages.