Release Notes 4.1.3

4.1.3 is a version with over 40 improvements and bug fixes. Six modules are now available in the new editing mode, as well as all the key settings for Social Collaboration.

We also have a new loop protection against eternity loops and modules that take a long time to load. The loop prptection is a powerful tool to prevent the site to be affected by individual modules or scripts. You handle the loop protection through the Administration Mode.

Modules and functions available in the new editing mode


  • Blog, Blog Categories, Blog menu
  • Event Calendar
  • Link list
  • ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting


  • Central settings for Social Collaboration
  • Settings for external search engines
  • Settings of search and user index
  • Monitoring of indexing queues

Improvements and new features

Editing mode

  • [SV-19607] LESS support for its own CSS stylesheets in fonts
  • [SV-12838] Support for more languages (Amharic, Armenian, azerbajdjanska, Bosnian, Georgian, Mongolian, Pashto, Roma, Sureth, Suryoyo, Swahili, Swedish sign language, Tigre, Uzbek)


  • [SV-19861] Using the type Date in the module E-mail form
  • [SV-19845] Activate base substitution of file name (for example åäö) when uploading files in the Proxy module
  • [SV-19636] Turn off "washing" of keyword suggestions in the modules Search, Faceted search, and Search Form

Developer Related

  • [SV-18486] Upgrading to Java version 8u92
  • [SV-17622] Upgrading to Tomcat version 8.0.35
  • [SV-16938] Upgrading Rhino to version
  • [SV-19873] Use Nashorn instead of Rhino in scripting console
  • [SV-19843] Loop protection - Automatic blocking of script modules with eternity loops
  • [SV-19812] Notifications to the server responsible for blocked modules
  • [SV-19960] Monitoring of modules that take a long time to load

Bug fixes

Editing mode

  • [SV-19847] Issue to open the Site Settings in Internet Explorer
  • [SV-19699] Dekorationers class name changed when renaming and allows duplicates in CSS rules
  • [SV-19934] Editing of metadata fields on the site means that they mistakenly added to the metadata tree
  • [SV-19540] Settings of the underlined links to style sheets are not saved
  • [SV-19289] Font style is not reflected in the link properties of the font changed
  • [SV-19848] Settings for aliases can not appear if one or more aliases are broken
  • [SV-19403] Files (not images) in image archive means that no thumbnails are displayed in the editing area
  • [SV-20033] Hide in search results is inherited to sub pages even though the local setting


  • [SV-19301] Image Description "Download from metadata" looks to be fillable in the absence of metadata in the Image module
  • [SV-19888] Validation of the url in the IFrame module is faulty
  • [SV-20059] Unable to remove the comments on the group pages in the module Comments
  • [SV-20114] Metadata type "User" can not be used in the module Contact
  • [SV-20118] Changes in proprietary Velocity templates are not stored in the module Contact
  • [SV-20031] News module does not save values when they are downloaded from an RSS source
  • [SV-19928] Problems changing configuration modules Search, Faceted search, Search form
  • [SV-19490] Amendment of limitation via the metadata in the Search form module is not saved
  • [SV-17832] Content Hits are not presented with the same sorting as the landing page of the Search form module for personal and content
  • [SV-20104] Bullets lists selected from the top menu always uses ol (instead of UL) in the text module
  • [SV-19922] Validation and availibility error in module Tell a friend


  • [SV-19790] Modules on a page with a language other than English / Swedish / Norwegian / German can get standard texts in Swedish
  • [SV-20013] LocaleUtil.getLocaleByString may return a locale that is non existing
  • [SV-19970] Broadcaster tied to the session is clustered with Hazelcast and are never deleted

    More on API changes on the SiteVision Public API change log

Datum för publicering: 2016-06-27

Important information when upgrading from 4.0.x

  1. The site is not accessible to visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision update scripts are running.
  2. The Search function is limited until SiteVision has created new search indexes.
  3. When upgrading SiteVision in a clustered environment, there will need to be an upgrade stoppages.