Release Notes 4.2

Sitevision 4.2 is the version where you can build your own elements and integrate your intranet to SharePoint and Office 365. With the function of e-duty you can supply material to the Royal Library automatically. Also includes nearly 80 bug fixes and a fresh feature to translate pages.

Important information

  1. The site is not available for visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision update script runs.
  2. The search function is limited until the SiteVision has created new search index
  3. When upgrading clusters , you need to have an editing stop while the upgrade is in progress.

Improvements and new functionality

Integration with SharePoint and Office365

The integration will make it possible for editors to create links to documents stored in SharePoint. In addition, there is the possibility to present lists of files for visitors.

Lists can either be retrieved, a folder named explicitly. It is also possible to create the list by setting a search query against SharePoint.

  • [SV-20083] New module: Sharepoint file sharing
  • [SV-20085] New module: Search listing for SharePoint
  • [SV-20086] The ability to link to SharePoint from the editing interface
  • [SV-20084] Roaming settings on the SharePoint site


In the SiteVision is now built-in support for E-duty with automatic reporting to the national library. The publish dialog has been extended with a new checkbox where the editor has the option to select a specific page to be archived or not. These pages are supplied then automatically to the national library via an RSS-like format.

Feature is included at no charge to customers within the public sector but requires a separate license which can be obtained via SiteVision Support.

  • [SV-20665] New settings on the website of e-duty
  • [SV-21377] New privilege, "publish for e-duty", to have the opportunity to select the pages to be archived in the publishing dialog
  • [SV-19530] RSS feed for e-duty


Element is a new concept in SiteVision to customize, package, and deploy functionality on Web sites. Elements with no connection to the site where they had been built, making it possible to deploy and reuse them on other sites. All administration is done completely in the SiteVisions edit mode.

  • [SV-21154] New feature for packaging and handling of modules
  • [SV-21381] New tab for managing items in edit mode
  • [SV-21382] New tab for administering extensions in edit mode
  • [SV-21401] New privilege, "Manage items", for the administration of the elements
  • [SV-21376] New privilege, "Manage Add-ons", for administering extensions

Social Collaboration

  • [SV-14506] Ability to edit posts in activity streams
  • [SV-15364] New module: share page in activity feed
  • [SV-19149] New module: Pictures in activity streams
  • [SV-19948] Share in Group
  • [SV-19862] Share files, photos and other user's posts without having to write

Edit mode

  • [SV-19811] Automatic notifications to site owners on the banned list modules
  • [SV-21379] New settings on the Web site for managing translations
  • [SV-21000] New settings on the website to enable REST API
  • [SV-20140] New privilege "manage users" to manage users
  • [SV-20488] New privilege "Manage AB-tests"
  • [SV-19893] Improved overview of sites under server properties
  • [SV-20126] Virtual groups on the server object

New modules

  • [SV-20738] New module: content list to view content areas from pages in a folder


Image Vault

  • [SV-20839] Ability to set the style to use for text

E-mail form, Survey, Question form

  • [SV-20149] Ability to limit number of characters in a text field


  • [SV-20398] Automatic "trim" of the address of the source


  • [SV-21294] Ability to add user attributes as headers


  • [SV-19623] The ability to create variables in the script host


  • [SV-19963] Automatic management of the ltr\/rtl based on selected language on this page

Search and indexing

  • [SV-18986] New index fields in the user index with timestamps for social identities
  • [SV-21009] New index fields, "mail." analyzed "in the user index for simplified search for email addresses regardless of the big\/small letters
  • [SV-21190] New index fields, "svtypeval" in the default index with different numeric value depending on the type of object (can be used for boost report of pages\/files via functional issues)

Developer related

  • [SV-19918] Compression of "application\/json" and "text\/plain" in Tomcat
  • [SV-19982] Larger cache for files in Tomcat
  • [SV-20125] Mappings for mimetype woff\/woff2 in Tomcat
  • [SV-18961] Upgrade of the Atmosphere to version 2.4.5
  • [SV-19735] Upgrade of Cassandra to version 2.2.7
  • [SV-20806] Hazelcast upgrade to version 3.7.1
  • [SV-20291] Upgrading Tomcat to version 8.0.36
  • [SV-20475] Upgrading Java to version 8u102
  • [SV-20594] Upgrade of the Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.30

Developer related -API

  • [SV-21159] New REST-based API (requires activation on site)
  • [SV-20946] REST API for management of extensions and elements
  • [SV-20803] New "utility" JsonRequester for REST calls over HTTP
  • [SV-20466] The ability to create link pages via LinkPageUtil
  • [SV-20455] The ability to download content in SVG files via getContentAsString FileUtil.
  • [SV-14579] New method in SearchHit to determine if a hit is a hit
  • [SV-14249] New method in UserIdentityWrapper to change profile picture
  • [SV-21215] New method of QueryStringUtil for converting dates to strings for use in search queries
  • [SV-20558] New methods in StructureUtil as well as TrashcanUtil to move and delete link pages
  • [SV-21296] New methods in ImageUtil to create and modify images in en: personalImageRepository
  • [SV-21356] Changed address calling for "UserImport" (referring to calls to "\/svapi\/")

More about API changes, see in the SiteVision Public API change log


  • [SV-20631] Improved translation of modules to Finnish
  • [SV-21170] New certificate for classic edit mode

Modules and functions available in the new edit mode

The majority of the modules and features are now available in the new edit mode. The following features and modules have been added in this version.

Settings and features

  • Translate page (revised)
  • Settings on the Web site for HTML export
  • Settings on the website of the rating types
  • Settings on the website and server for custom search index
  • Proxy settings on the server object
  • Monitoring of active users in the "/admin"


  • A-Z list
  • User registration
  • Rating
  • Image Vault
  • Birthday
  • List Favorites
  • Add/remove favorite
  • Change password
  • PDF printout

Datum för publicering: 2016-11-15