Release Notes

A bug fix release for customers who had problems upgrading to SiteVision 4.2. Also includes a bug fix for the translation feature. If you already updated to 4.2 without any problems, it is not necessary to update to


  • [SV-21516] Pages can be interpreted as a translation of a page despite not being there on the card name includes "_" (underscore)
  • [SV-21455] The update script for the elements in are ineffective, which can lead to upgrade to 4.2 is interrupted


Datum för publicering: 2016-11-22

Important information when upgrading from 4.0 x

  1. The site is not available for visitors at the beginning of the upgrade when SiteVision run update scripts.
  2. The search function is limited until the SiteVision has created new search index
  3. Upgrading clusters is the update stops while the upgrade is in progress.