Extramaterial SiteVision 4.2

Permission changes

In SiteVision 4.1, we have made some changes in permissions. Some permissions have changed name and others have been added or changed. Here is the list that will bring you up-to-date!

Name changes

Previous nameNew name

Publish immediately

Publish directly

Also check child links during link control

Recursive link control

Show page templates

Show templates

Create link

Create link page

Creating linked layout

Add linked layout

Create layout

Add layout

Manage website colours

 Manage colours

Create table without table type

Manage table

Manage properties for website

Manage website settings

Manage properties for server

Manage server properties

Export and import pages

Use export and import

Manage grids

Manage responsive web


Changed permissions

Create grid rows and columns

From SiteVision version 4.1, those who have permission “Create grid rows and columns" can also add grids. This permission includes functions to add grids, grid rows and grid columns.

Manage elements in HEAD

From SiteVision version 4.1, you need permission to "Manage functions for developers" in order to create and edit assets. This applies to both the classic and new editing modes.

New permissions

Use enhanced image editing

Image editing is a great feature, but generally the original image is the best. With the permission "Use enhance image editing", you can restrict or permit the option to edit an image in the Image module. Image editing refers to changing the settings for Colouring and Filters.

Manage users (Social Collaboration)

A new feature in SiteVision 4.1 for Social Collaboration is that if you have permission to Manage social user IDs you can now disable/enable a user ID. You can also select to show or hide the user ID in search results.

New modules


Responsive slideshow is a long-awaited feature that is now finally available in SiteVision. The slideshow module has been revamped in terms of both features and settings.


Now you can show videos on your website directly from the file library in SiteVision. You don’t have to muck around with external video sources when you need to upload the video for embedding in SiteVision.

Bookmarked posts (Social Collaboration)

With the new Bookmarked posts module, you can save specific posts in the activity flows in Social Collaboration. This is a smart function for those who want to read an entry later or save an entry for the future.

Create documents (Social Collaboration)

You can now create Word and Excel documents directly in SiteVision. A perfect feature for minutes of meetings and other recurring documents.

Followers (Social Collaboration)

The Followers module shows the people who are following a user. It’s a good idea to place this module adjacent to the Contacts module because they are opposites.