Extramaterial SiteVision 4.2

Responsive slideshow

Responsive slideshow is a long-awaited feature that is now finally available in SiteVision. It is the slideshow module revamped in terms of both features and settings.

Using the slideshow module, you point to a folder with images that the visitor then sees as a slideshow. The slideshow starts automatically or when the visitor clicks on the arrows to view the next or previous image. And of course the slideshow is responsive, adapting to the visitor's screen.


Old slideshows

You can only create responsive slideshows in the new edit mode. Slideshows available on the site previously will not become responsive when you upgrade to SiteVision 4.1 - you will need to replace them using the new module in the new edit mode.

You can edit old slideshows in the classic editing mode.

To-do list

  1. Replace old slideshows on your site with new, responsive slideshows