New funcionality in SiteVision 4.1​

SiteVision 4.1 offers a number of exciting new features. This version includes both long-awaited changes, such as responsive forms and tables, and new features for server administrators in administration mode.

  • A/B tests

    Aktivera A/B-test One of the most effective tools there are for reaching your audience with the information on your website is one or more A/B tests. This function is now available in SiteVision.
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  • Administration mode for the server

    SiteVision 4.1 as a whole new administration mode for server administrators. It contains a dashboard, logs, settings for clustered environments, WebDAV and JMX.
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  • Fonts and website colours

    From version 4.1, the settings for fonts and colours have been moved to the new edit mode. You will find these settings via Site settings and the Colours and Fonts panels.
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  • Manage social user IDs

    A new feature in SiteVision 4.1 for Social Collaboration is that if you have permission to Manage social us er IDs you can now disable/enable a user ID. You can also select to show or hide the user ID in search results.

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  • Optimised images for smaller screens

    Responsive images have been around since SiteVision 3, but from version 4.1, SiteVision delivers a scaled-down version of the image that is tailored to the visitor's device. This improves performance for both the visitor and the server.
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  • Edit documents

    With SiteVision 4.1, we have revamped the underlying technology required to edit documents in Social Collaboration. For you, this means that the feature has become more stable because you no longer need to have any plugins on the computer.
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  • Responsive forms with new settings

    A new feature in SiteVision 4.1 is responsive forms where you an add fields in columns, select the input type to give the user the right keyboard on their smart phone and get more appealing warnings about mandatory fields for example.
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  • Responsive tables

    Finally you can create responsive tables in SiteVision. Choose between four different solutions all of which adapt the table to the visitor's device. Simple and convenient, for both your visitors and for those who create the table.
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  • Page activity

    Sidaktivitet The Page activity feature gives you a quick overview of what has been happening with a specific webpage recently. You can even write a short comment about something you've done on the page.
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  • Distribution of additional HEAD elements

    A major change in SiteVision 4.1 is the change in the function "Additional HEAD elements". Previously, additional HEAD elements from the homepage could be inherited by all pages in the page structure, but this has now been replaced with a new feature. Now, additional HEAD elements are inherited from templates to pages and articles. You will also notice that we have divided the additional HEAD elements into six different panels, and that you create JavaScript assets in both BODY and HEAD.

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You do know that SiteVision 4.1 contains all of 100 features in the new editing mode? See the list of features.

Datum för publicering: 2016-04-18