Extramaterial SiteVision 4.1

Administration mode for the server

SiteVision 4.1 as a whole new administration mode for server administrators. It contains a dashboard, logs, settings for clustered environments, WebDAV and JMX.

In the new administration mode, you will find a lot of features that were previously found under Properties for the server object. The settings and supervision have been modernised and improved,in particular when it comes to the cluster panel. Administration mode includes for example a common event log for system events and the option to test the write speed from SiteVision to database Cassandra.


You access the new administration mode via <website address>/admin and you must log in using the system account. Administration mode requires some technical knowledge about the server and is for those who need to more information about the overall settings for the SiteVision server.

Live log

The live log (/editor/log) for server.log has been moved to <website address>/admin/log. The composite server log requires log in with the system account.
If you don’t have access to the system account, you can view the log for website via
<website address>/admin/log. To view the log, you need permission to "Manage functions for developers".

Administration of servers

From SiteVision 4.1, server administrators can find essential information and settings for cluster nodes via <website address>/admin/cluster. You can view supervision of CPUs, memory and disk usage per cluster node; set up and manage the cluster; see system events in a log for all cluster nodes; make backups; perform searches in Cassandra; download JMX information and get thread dumps.