Extrameterial SiteVision 4.1

Distribution of additional HEAD elements

A major change in SiteVision 4.1 is the change in the function "Additional HEAD elements". Previously, additional HEAD elements from the homepage could be inherited by all pages in the page structure, but this has now been replaced with a new feature. Now, additional HEAD elements are inherited from templates to pages and articles. You will also notice that we have divided the additional HEAD elements into six different panels, and that you create JavaScript assets in both BODY and HEAD.

The change in the inheritance function influences "CSS assets" and "JavaScript assets". From SiteVision 4.1, inheritance down into the pages structure no longer applies. Instead, the assets in templates are inherited by pages and articles. This creates more correct behavior because the assets are now only printed on the pages where they are needed.

What you put into the template structure are merged together. The "old" HEAD elements that you put into the page structure are not merged together...

You can always see if and which HEAD elements have been inherited from the template on a page or article.

Local assets

Using local assets you can add CSS, RSS and/or JavaScript assets to a page. The asset applies only to that page and cannot be inherited further down in the structure. SiteVision merges local CSS and JavaScript assets into minimised files in online mode.
You can choose between "Local CSS assets", "Local JavaScript assets" and RSS.

Code elements

Code elements are the exception that proves the rule, because they function the same as in previous versions of SiteVision. The element is inherited from the page structure and not from templates. You can use code elements to add tracking code to your website for example.

Additional HEAD elements created in earlier versions

You can edit additional HEAD elements created prior to upgrading to Site Vision 4.1 in classic editing mode. For these additional elements, inheritance remains unchanged even after the upgrade.

New permission

From SiteVision version 4.1, you need permission to "Manage functions for developers" in order to create and edit assets.