Extramaterial SiteVision 4.1

Fonts and website colours

From version 4.1, the settings for fonts and colours have been moved to the new edit mode. You will find these settings via Site settings and the Colours and Fonts panels.


In the Colours panel, you set the colours to be used on the website. New for SiteVision 4.1 is that you can also specify how transparent the colour is to be using an opacity value.

Inställning för att lägga till färg


The settings for the fonts used on the website are now clearer and easier to manage in SiteVision 4.1. Using the preview, you can see what the font looks like as you make new settings and changes.

Default setting for the website

To separate BODY from other fonts, this style as its own group of settings.

Details and preview

You can easily see the details about a font and preview it instantly. Select the style from the list to view it’s details and preview it.