Extramaterial SiteVision 4.1

Responsive forms with new settings

A new feature in SiteVision 4.1 is responsive forms where you an add fields in columns, select the input type to give the user the right keyboard on their smart phone and get more appealing warnings about mandatory fields for example.

The way you create forms in SiteVison have been modernised and simplified with SiteVision 4.1. We have cleaned up the terms and replaced "question" with "field". You can add multiple fields on the same line, have a different number of fields per line and enter a description of the input fields to help the visitor. If the fields are in the wrong order, you can easily move them by dragging and dropping the fields in the settings.

So that the person filling in the form has as enjoyable an experience possible, the forms are of course responsive and adapts to the available space. By specifying the input type for the text field, the person filling in the form automatically gets a customised keyboard on mobile devices. This means for example that the number pad will appear when it’s time to enter the phone number.

Forms created in the new editing mode

New forms can only be edited in the new edit mode. They automatically become responsive and adapt to the visitor's screen

Forms created in the classic editing mode

In order to take full advantage of the new edit mode and responsive forms, you need to convert your old Form modules. After conversion, the form may have changed in appearance to the visitor. Appearance changes may occur if the module has its own CSS or other specific appearance settings. The important thing is that no changes in forms for visitors occur until you are ready.

Convert forms created in classic editing mode

1. Check if there are any custom CSS or any CSS class settings

2. Save a version of the page so you can go back to it if you get appearance changes after the conversion.
3. Double-click on the module in the new edit mode. You see a dialog box with settings for the module.
4. Click the Appearance tab.
5. Select the checkbox "Use the new form appearance."
6. Click OK.

To-do list

  1. Go through forms on the website and make them responsive