Nya moduler i SiteVision 4.1​

SiteVision 4.1 contains no less than five new modules, three of which are for Social Collaboration. What do you think about being able to bookmark posts, show followers and create documents directly in SiteVision? Those not using Social Collaboration, the great new features are Video and Responsive slideshows.

  • Bookmarked posts

    With the new Bookmarked posts module, you can save specific posts in the activity flows in Social Collaboration. This is a smart function for those who want to read an entry later or save an entry for the future.

    Read more about the module
  • Followers

    The Followers module shows the people who are following a user. It’s a good idea to place this module adjacent to the Contacts module because they are opposites.

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  • Responsive slideshow

    Responsive slideshow is a long-awaited feature that is now finally available in SiteVision. It is the slideshow module revamped in terms of both features and settings.
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  • Create documents

    Create Word and Excel documents directly in SiteVision. A perfect feature for minutes of meetings and other recurring documents.

    Read more about the module
  • Video

    Now you can show videos on your website directly from the file library in SiteVision. You don’t have to muck around with external video sources when you need to upload the video for embedding in SiteVision.
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And of course you know that you can edit over 40 other modules in the new edit mode? See the list of modules that were moved over into 4.1.

Datum för publicering: 2016-04-18