SiteVision 3.5 with Social Collaboration

The solution for Social Collaboration is developed by SiteVision in collaboration with a project team consisting of companies and organizations such as SBAB Bank, SVT, the Swedish Tax Agency, Örebro, Lidingö and Halmstad municipality.

The new solution is designed for businesses and organizations to quickly and effectively create social intranets and extranets. SiteVision has developed the solution in collaboration with a project team consisting of players SBAB Bank, SVT, the Swedish Tax Agency, Örebro Municipality and the city of Lidingö. Today's launch marks a milestone for the ongoing development work.

- Many of today's communications solutions for businesses and organizations are based on traditional Internet-based systems for individual communication like e-mail, says Anders Korsvall, CEO of SiteVision. Meanwhile, we are social beings who are drawn to personal interaction, which the popularity of social media shows. With Social Collaboration, we offer companies and organizations an effective way to get started with the interaction between people and groups of people, both within and outside the business.

The aim of the solution is to create new opportunities for employees to interact on a social level, and thereby contribute to increased productivity, better team spirit and a better working environment. With Social Collaboration SiteVision has created a social tool for the workplace, something that many employees are already familiar with in that they use social media in their spare time.

The market for IT-based business solutions for social collaboration has been dominated by international giants with solutions that are often complicated and expensive to implement and administer. SiteVision's solution is much easier to get started with.

- Independent studies show that we have the most satisfied customers and we are focusing strongly on the perfect design here as well, says Anders Korsvall, CEO of SiteVision.

SiteVision Social Collaboration features advanced functionality for all that is necessary for social work, including social networks, tools for collaborative projects, blogs, tags, activity feeds and document sharing.

Existing customers can simply add the solution into their existing systems. New customers can choose to include the solution in their platform from the start or at a later stage, all based on what suits them best.

- Social collaboration is a concept that is easier than it sounds, says Anders Korsvall. In this context, it is basically about creating opportunities for communication that simplifies and accelerates business processes and collaboration. It should be easy to build networks and bridges across geographical and organizational boundaries where they can share knowledge, ideas and best practices and to keep informed about what is happening within the organization.

All customers can easily use the Site Vision 3.5. The upgrade is automatic and is available for download in the customer area.

SiteVision is a content management solutions provider to businesses and institutions. At SiteVision we unite competence and quality with innovation. From our long experience of web based technical solutions we have created SiteVision, a user friendly portal and CMS platform with social intranet capabilities.

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