Swedens most satisfied customers!

The independent company Web Service Award today published their annual trend report. One aspect they look at are how happy Sweden's webmasters are with their CMS. For the fourth consecutive year SiteVision tops the list!

Other trends in the report

A technology trend in the report is that the home-made systems for building websites is becoming extinct. Today, only 7 percent are custom built systems, compared to 19 percent in 2009. They custom built systems also have by far the highest dissatisfaction among users, for example in terms of search capabilities.

Web Service Awards Annual Trends Report shows that 42% of sites will develop a mobile site in 2012, which is a significant increase from last year's figure of 26%.

This year SiteVision reaches the best result ever, which is very pleasing. It is encouraging to see that our continuous improvements yields results. In the survey, all the webmasters who use SiteVision answered "Agree entirely or very much" when asked if they have a working web publishing system. 

Thank you for the trust and we look forward to continue to make SiteVision even easier and more powerful!

/Anders Korsvall

SiteVision is a content management solutions provider to businesses and institutions. At SiteVision we unite competence and quality with innovation. From our long experience of web based technical solutions we have created SiteVision, a user friendly portal and CMS platform with social intranet capabilities.

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