Accessibility out of the box

What happens when several different CMS providers around the world join forces to produce smart and built-in support for accessibility? This is exactly what the We4Authors project will show.

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For some time now, Sitevision has been involved in a large EU project that involves several different actors within the CMS spectrum finding ways to build in, improve or create the best conditions for good accessibility support in our respective solutions.

Web for all

Sitevision have had a focus on accessability from the very beginning, close to twenty years by now. Our goal is to facilitate the work of developing websites for everyone. For us, it goes without saying that everybody should be included and that everyone should have the same opportunities to get information. One of our missions is to support content creators in the best possible way.

The We4Authors project

The EU-funded project goes by the name We4Authors and it is now in its final period. Together with other partners and members, we have selected ten common challenges editors and web users face. For example, how users can add alt texts to images in the best way, to how they create tables or forms. Three areas are about how a CMS provider can build in support for accessibility checks of pages, websites and documents.

In several aspects, Sitevision is already providing a really good suupport. Table types on accessible tables, our extended accessibility support and easy to create, accessible forms are two examples. But we can always improve. Sitevision will lay focus on the areas we see a potential for improvement, where the impact on you as a user will provide assistance in the best possible way.

Welcome to the digital event

On May 19, 2021, we participate, together with our cluster members, in an event where the project is presented. The event is held in English and is open to anyone who is interested in listening. Are you curious about what the project is about and what we concluded so far, why not sign up?

Read more and sign up.

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