Web publishing with SiteVision

SiteVision is the web publishing tool where you get off to a flying start, that also your colleagues and staff will love.

  • Select from pre-made portlets
  • No programming
  • Responsive, social & flexible

What is SiteVision?

SiteVision is a platform where you easily create web based content. Build your own websites and intranets without programing. You have access to all the tools you need to create an attractive, accessible and fully functional website.

  • Select from pre-made portlets
  • No programing
  • Responsive, social and flexible

Why choose SiteVision?

SiteVision is liked and loved by it's customers. The independet company Web Service Award publish the yearly report, "Hur mår Sveriges webbplatser?" ie. How are the swedish websites doing? and SiteVision is once again number one, for the seventh year in a row.

​SiteVision Cloud - Even less IT

Let us take care of the technicalities, and select SiteVision as a service. Allowing you to concentrate on the most important thing - Creating content that matters for users!

SiteVision Cloud

​SiteVision Social Collaboration

SiteVision Social Collaboration is developed based on how people work and collaborate. People cooperating with people, in groups, on projects and with external partners.

  • Let your co-workers write posts, share & create documents and discuss just as they are used to do.
  • Cooperate around documents
  • Find the rigth competence with a simple click

Portlets – Ready made and good to go

SiteVision Web CMS is based on +100 ready made portlets and functions

The easiest way to build web pages, create and edit text, show images and offer advanced functionalities;

  • Create various forms with already made portlets
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Get started quickly!

Choose your set of portlets for your web project.

Prices and options

Select the option that suits you and your organization

  • SiteVision Cloud - let us handle the operating environment
  • SiteVision in your own operating environment, on prem.
  • SiteVision Social Collaboration for a vital intranet
SiteVision Cloud

Do you need help to choose?

Let us give you a personal demonstration, it may prove to be your best invested 30 minutes of the year. Leave your email address below and press submit, and we´ll contact you as soon as possible.