A more personal website

To test and personalize your website has never been easier. SiteVision CXM let's you increase your conversion rate and adapt content depending on who your visitors are and what they do.

What's personalization?

You can figure out who your visitors are in many different ways. With personalization in SiteVIsion, you can easily adapt your website's content depending on a number of different values. For example - if they've been on your website before, which source that led to their visit or which device they're using.

Customize your website depending on who your visitor is – with no need for programming.

What is A/B Testing?

How much is your landingpage worth if you're not testing it? The answer is; far less than if you're not optimize it for conversion.

A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a page to figure out what performs best.

To run an A/B test, choose which elements of a page you’d like to test (for instance the size of a button or a headline) and change them on one version of the page. When you've received enough data back on which version is performing better, show the best version to all of your visitors.

SiteVision has A/B testing built in to the CMS. Get started with A/B testing without any programming.

See for your self how easy it is to A/B test your website

Optimize your conversion rate

Work continuously with making your website more efficient through personalization and testing.

Continuous improvements through A/B testing

A/B testing is an easy way to figure out if your new design and content compared with the existing design performs better. Use the method to control if your design increases the conversion rate.

Measure and increase the value of your website

Relevant content increases the value for your visitor and makes it more efficient for your company or organization.

Personalize every part of your website

As easy it is to work with content in SiteVision in general you can as easily personalize one or multiple parts of your website - without any programming.

You can personalize your website in a multiple aspects - which device the user visits your website with, where they come from (Social media, search etc.) or if they've been on your website before or not.