What is SiteVision?

SiteVision is a platform that makes it easy to create content.

  • Pre-made portlets
  • No programming
  • Responsive, social and flexible
SiteVision winner of inuse UX award

Pre-made portlets and functions

SiteVision is a content management system with prebuilt functions and pre-made portlets that are easy to use and flexible. Many portlets are included, some can be added extra.

Create text using the text portlet, use the interactive portlets to create e-mailforms, social media set ups, or create complex integrations using or proxy portlet.

Thanks to SiteVision being portlet based, each page can be adjusted to meet your vistors every need, without you having to be overly technical.

No programming

Just as an editor creates a web page, a competent editor can create and modify a template. It's one of SiteVision's major advantages - you do not have to spend time programming the templates. There are 14 modules that are included in the "Template-related" category to help you with your templates. Everything from menu portlets, search portlets to webmaps. Spend your time on something else!

The system is of course built-in support for responsive design. This through built-in grid support in the creation of templates and also when editing pages.

If you still want to customize functionality, you have access to SiteVision's many well-documented APIs and templates.

SiteVision mallar

Text templates - existing with the possibility to add more yourselves

One website - different units

With SiteVision, you create responsive sites without programming, directly in the browser.

The site automatically adjusts to the right screen size, regardless of whether the visitor is using a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The page templates are built with ready-made modules and features directly in the tool.

If you prefer a customized mobile version, where parts of the site will adapt, the option is "Instant mobile." With a few simple clicks, you have created a mobile version of parts or the entire site.

SiteVision CMS

Responsive web - computer, tablet or phone

Usability and availability

Accessibility and usability are two key terms for SiteVision. Therefore, you have built-in link control support, W3C validation check and availability check.

Accessibility means that information on the web page should be accessible to as many as possible, while the concept of usability means that the web page should be easy to use. Accessibility and usability are therefore not the same. Although the content of the webpage is accessible to everyone, it does not mean that it is useful to everyone.

SiteVision's two key principles for the SiteVision product are that the tool should be flexible and easy to use. We enable our customers to decide to what extent, how and what SiteVision uses.

In terms of availability, there are a wide range of opportunities that the customer can choose to make use of to facilitate the creation of available websites. The customer can choose an ambition level based on his / her own situation.

Select the login method that suits you

Do users want to log in using a regular login form? Should users log in from home? Would you like to connect third-party products such as Portwise? Want users to be automatically logged in?

Perhaps the visitors do not want to create their own login but use their Facebook account?

SiteVision offers solutions to all of this. Everything from simple form logon to federated sign-in via Facebook.

CAS, SAML, Kerberos, Portwise, MobilityGuard are some different login variants that work in SiteVision.

Login methods

Federated login and form login in SiteVision

Integrates easily with other systems

By using SiteVision's proxy module, it is possible to integrate all or part of an underlying web application or web page.

Other ways to integrate SiteVision with other information / other systems:

  • Support for importing information from RSS sources
  • Support for importing information from RDF / XML
  • Write your own script
  • Write your own portlets

Does it look easy? It is!

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