Social intranet with SiteVision intranet

This is what you get with SiteVision Social Collaboration

Collaborate in groups

Create workspaces for projects, departments or areas of interest. Share documents, tasks and calendar events with each other. Or use it for discussion groups. There are no restrictions on the use of groups in SiteVision Social Collaboration.

Share documents

You can easily share, discuss and edit documents in SiteVision Social Collaboration. Allow your employees to share documents in their activity flows or in groups where you as a user control your access. The documents are version-managed with a direct link to Microsoft Office.

Like, tag and share - just as you are used to

Create engagement within your organization by allowing employees to communicate and share information just as they are used to from web services like Facebook and Twitter.

Chat and send instant messages in real time

Let your co-workers communicate via a built-in messaging service in SiteVision Social Collaboration. Chat or send messages between individuals or groups of employees.

Find competences with one click

With SiteVision's powerful search engine, you get a Social Personnel Catalog where your employees can contribute information themselves. It has never been easier finding the competences you are looking for!

Profile pages for all

Each employee has access to a profile page of their own. Automatically retrieve information from your user directory and allow your employees add their own information, such as competences, geographic location, contact details and image.

Plan everyday - together

With a calendar you can plan your project, your vacations in your department or why not the next staff activity. Delegate events to other group members, event invites, time-series events, and more. Of course, linked to the user's own calendar function.

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