Easy to search and be seen with Sitevision Search

First, visitors must find their way to your site, and then they must find their way around it. With Sitevision’s search package, you meet your visitors’ different search behaviours and needs – and you get the search engines to prioritise you.

The Sitevision search package Sitevision Search is in place right from the start. You can also choose between two additional packages – Sitevision Advanced and Sitevision Enterprise – depending on your needs. Regardless of which package you choose, editors do not need to have technical knowledge to work with searching in the future.

Which search package will you choose?

Ikon stjärna

Search Standard

Cover your visitors’ basic needs and search behaviour through fully indexed content. A powerful search engine with the option of making settings, unique to your site, in ready-to-go modules.

  • Always included in the delivery of Sitevision
  • Standard index
  • Searches in edit mode (for finding templates, pages, etc)
  • Search modules
  • Prioritise page in search hits with boost
  • Make metadata searchable
  • Set which pages should be searchable
  • Reindexing per page or website
  • Search API

You can also work with:

  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt settings
  • Canonical settings
Ikon stjärna
Ikon stjärna

Search Advanced

You get greater options for configuration and search optimisation, accessing search statistics directly in the interface, logging search hits and prioritising search hits.

  • Sitevision Search Standard
  • Optimisation opportunities per website
  • Language settings
  • Faceted search
  • Defining synonyms
  • Logging of search hits
  • Prioritising search hits
  • Stop words
  • Search statistics
  • Did-you-mean functionality
  • Notifications to external search engines
Ikon stjärna
Ikon stjärna
Ikon stjärna

Search Enterprise

The most advanced of the search packages, this one allows you to index environments outside of Sitevision and create a seamless digital experience for your visitors.

  • Sitevision Search Standard and Advanced
  • Own server index for searching in several environments
  • Field configuration
  • Crawler and pipeline for crawlers
  • External access to search index
  • Search multiple sites and systems

Would you like to know more about functions in Sitevision?

The best way to find out more about Sitevision and all its features is to book a demo. We’ll show you how it works and answer all your questions.

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