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do you personalise your web?

Do your visitors encounter the same message, whoever they are? Today, a lot of people (almost three out of four!) expect to encounter content that is relevant and customised to them. Personalisation is key.

With personalised content, visitors to your site encounter different messages depending on where in the customer or employee journey they are. A person visiting your site for the first time will most likely not have the same needs as someone returning for the sixth or seventh time. A person who has asked for price information is in a different phase than someone who downloaded a white paper.

Today, your visitors expect you to get to know them and use that knowledge to create a relevant digital experience. When you do this, you fulfil the visitor’s needs and goals – while fulfilling your own.

You choose your content and audiences...

It may sound complicated, but in Sitevision, it’s simple. And it can all be done without coding. You start by creating different views of the same page and fill the views with exactly the content you want. After that, you connect rules for which target groups should see which views. You can create target groups based on, e.g., metadata, number of visits, catalogue objects, language, which page the visitor came from or Javascript, which opens up even more possibilities.

...or you could let AI do the analysis

Sitevision’s modules include Rek.ai, which uses artificial intelligence to recommend the right content to your visitors. The module collects page views on your website or intranet. During the night, the module analyses the collected data and builds an AI model of how your site is used. Based on the AI model, the content is presented the next day. In this way, the right message reaches your visitors, customer satisfaction increases and you as an editor do not need to spend any time at all on analysis. Convenient and very, very smart.

For example, AI thinks you like these blog posts

Please come back when you have browsed the site a bit – AI will have got to know you better by then.

Would you like to know more about functions in Sitevision?

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