"It makes work more fun for everyone and that should not be underestimated"

Suddenly, we handed out certificate number 500 for Certified Sitevision Website Developer. Who got it? Erik Sylwan who is a senior developer at Webstep and who is also a Certified Sitevision Solution Developer. We decided to call up and talk about Sitevision and training.

Erik certifierade nummer 500

Erik Sylwan är senior utvecklare på Webstep.

Hello Erik and congratulations on your certifications!

Thank you, it feels great and like an extra feather in your cap to get number 500. They have been good and rewarding trainings.

What fun to hear. Why did you choose to get certified?

It's proof that as a consultant I know Sitevision very well. A stamp of quality. Then it was also like a kickstart for me when I changed jobs and started creating even more of my own solutions. I have worked for a very long time in Sitevision, so it was nice to get confirmation that I am working in the right way, and I brought a lot of new insights with me. Among other things, how structures and decoration templates can simplify for the editor.

Are you particularly passionate about editors?

The biggest advantage of Sitevision is that the editors work in a good tool that is useful to the business. There is so much you can do as an advanced editor that does not require any developer expertise. Then the customer does not need to involve people like me as often. They save money, the editors get more control and can influence the sites themselves, while I as a developer and consultant can focus on the more advanced solutions. It makes the job more fun for everyone and that should not be underestimated.

Would you recommend others to train in Sitevision?

Yes, if you have not done so but work with building and developing websites, you will benefit from it. There is a wide range of training courses and they always provide new ideas and there is always more to learn. I will definitely come back to the training room in Örebro.

Want to sharpen your skills? Take a look at Sitevision's training courses.




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