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Easy-to-use, powerful digital asset management system

Mediaflow, a digital asset management system that is used, e.g., as an image and media bank, video platform, delivery portal, speeds up the workflow of your web and print design production. Mediaflow facilitates image management and helps you make your videos accessible, directly in Sitevision.

Exempel från Mediaflows videotänst

Access your Mediaflow folders and files directly from the Sitevision interface with the Mediaflow module. For maximum performance and stability, mounted images are physically copied over to you to enable your website to function, independent of Mediaflow. Videos are streamed from Mediaflow’s servers in Sweden. As such, you avoid having to think about third-country issues and burdening of your own servers. The video player is also accessibility-friendly and has functions for auto subtitles and an add-on for live broadcasts.

Keeping your files tidy

With easy uploading and support for previewing over 100 file formats, it’s just as easy to store files in Mediaflow as on any computer. This is further improved by smart indexing, automatic folders, duplicate management, version management and many other time-saving functions, and when the licence rights of an image expire, you have full control of exactly where the images have been used. Clever, isn't it.

Mediaflow in Sitevision

Built-in cropping functions and preset download formats.

Text options for images and videos are included from the media bank.

The publishing location is automatically saved in the files.

Accessibility-friendly video players with auto subtitles make it easier to comply with the accessibility directive.

Mediaflow's powerful GDPR tool helps you publish securely.



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