The record year 2023 – a year in review

2023, we've done it again, together! It is not without pride but also humility that we reflect on the past year and what we at Sitevision, together with our partners and customers, have achieved.

Åren 2023 och 2024

Proud of increased growth

We can now look back on another record year where we, among other things, meet our sales target of +100 MSEK by far and we also continue to maintain good profitability.

Proud of our partners

Our partner network is also growing with leading consulting and product houses. Among others, we welcome Devize External link., Inncode External link., Sigma External link. and AI supplier Ebbot External link. to the Sitevision world. Together, we offer and develop expertise, products and functions that allow our customers to continue to communicate easily with the world around them.

In 2023, we awarded 13 Sitevision Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards:

MVP is an award for one or more people with very good knowledge of Sitevision's platform and who go the extra mile for our customers. The award has become both prestigious and highly sought after among our partners – and it is a great acknowledgement of all the good things we do together.

Proud of our people

The common thread in many successful organizations is a healthy and motivated workforce. Sitevision's employees are our most important asset and our values are our common compass. This year's employee survey shows fantastic results for both the individual teams and the organization as a whole, and it is with great respect that we continue to develop and nurture our employer brand.

During the year, we have welcomed 13 new employees, all of whom have enriched the organization with competence and personality. And in 2024 we will welcome more to our team - to keep pace with the increased demand and the company's growth journey.

Humbled to have the market's most satisfied customers

According to the Web Service Award (WSA) External link., which for 18 years has released annual reports analyzing the market for Swedish intranets and websites, we have the market's most satisfied customers. A full 96 percent customer satisfaction among the market's website customers and 92 percent among the market's intranet customers. We will continue to nurture this proof of a sound and qualitative delivery.

The report for intranets also shows that we are the country's largest intranet platform with a full 36 percent market share, +3 percent from 2022.

It is Sitevision's long-term vision and business plan for the organization, products and business that guides us in the right direction. Important when making decisions that affect us, customers, partners and other players in our ecosystem.


In 2023, we have been working on new concepts and offerings in our website and intranet deliveries – which we will soon present to the market. We also have a number of new product innovations and ongoing initiatives that together with the new concepts will take Sitevision and our partner network to the next level.

Many thanks to all our fantastic colleagues, customers and partners. Thank you for helping to create digital experiences for hundreds of thousands of users.




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