Malin certified herself for bulletproof solutions

Malin Andersson works as an IT project manager and consultant manager at Consid and is one of those who have chosen to take a certification course in Sitevision. Why – and what has it yielded? We had a chat to find out just that.

Ett fotografi av Malin Andersson och badgen för Certified Sitevision Website Developer.

You are a Certified Sitevision Website Developer (CSWD) - congratulations! Why did you choose to get certified?

– We offer our customers a whole range of digital solutions based on Sitevision. I wanted to have an understanding of the tool that my developers and our customers work in. In order to be able to suggest solutions or approaches in a more accurate way, it is important to have a good understanding of how Sitevision works as a tool.

What did you think of the training?

– It was great! Very good knowledge packaged in a way that was easy to absorb. In particular, I appreciated the way we alternated theory with practical elements.

Fun! Have you benefited from the knowledge?

– Together with my colleague Aggi, I am responsible for web delivery in "Region Mitt". Thanks to this training, I can have a more technical dialog with my developers and be more advisory in the dialogs with our customers. We work a lot with what we call the Sitevision standard and thanks to the training I have a broader understanding of what is a standard module, how to customize it and when a special solution is needed.

What do you take away most from the training?

– How easy it is to create templates based on Sitevision's standard functionality.

Finally, do you notice the buzz about the certification?

– Absolutely! Certification is often a requirement from customers. And when it's not, it's still an advantage in all the tenders and inquiries we respond to. It is routine within the entire national delivery that all consultants who work with Sitevision have a CSWD certification and that all developers who want to gain in-depth knowledge of web apps also acquire a CSSD certification.

Do you also want to get certified?

Read more about Sitevision's certification courses.




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