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Mathem is Sweden’s leading e-commerce player for groceries with home delivery — reaching around 55 per cent of the country’s households. Together, they represent some 2,000 employees working in areas ranging from tech development, sales and marketing to logistics, warehousing and distribution.

In February 2020, discussions began on the acquisition of a new intranet. Three weeks later, the pandemic arrived.

Kasse med Mathems logotyp på.

Background and challenge

– It quickly became very clear that we had a communication-heavy time ahead of us. "Internal communication became extremely important in connection with procedures on how we at MatHem should behave towards each other and towards our customers in order to work in a safe manner," explains Lotta Olofsson, Head of Communications at MatHem.

At the same time, MatHem became a socially important service. Many people chose to order their products instead of going to the store. And suddenly, a few new target groups started shopping online: at-risk groups and those over 70.

– The pressure was explosive. Our delivery times ran out in 10 seconds and we were working at full speed to meet demand.

And it became clear what the new intranet needed to do.

An easily accessible meeting place

The new intranet would be a platform where all the different roles in the company could feel at home and find what they are looking for. Since drivers and warehouse staff, for example, have neither work phones nor computers, it must also be attractive enough for them to log in with their personal mobile phones.

For tech-driven MatHem, things have moved quickly from start-up to scale-up and beyond to mature company. There was also a need to create a feeling that everyone was working for the same company — with a common set of values, towards shared goals.

But we had to work quickly to streamline communication during the pandemic.

– We looked at the most important needs and what we could manage to produce in the short time available. Then we mapped needs and time against each other. "We worked very closely with Consid, who were both solution-oriented and creative," says Lotta Olofsson.

Solution and results

“Easy to use and build on over time”

The choice of platform fell on Sitevision.

– Sitevision’s platform is easy to use and easy to build on over time. We have started with intranet 1.0 and can build on it when time, resources and even more insights are available. It was also essential for us to be able to easily adapt the graphic expression so that it exudes MatHem.

The new Checkout intranet has now been launched and the sights are already set on version two.

– It feels really amazing to have a stylish and accessible intranet where we can gather all the internal communication and other content that gives employees the support they need to do their jobs. Now the work begins to empower employees and develop features and content.

Startsida på Mathems intranät

On the home page, the employee is greeted by news (the article on Covid was of course particularly important), the “Find your colleague” search function, personal shortcuts, a shared calendar and various tips on how to make the best use of Checkout.

As a login method, MatHem uses Bank ID to handle authorisations and to ensure that it is an employee who logs in. Depending on who you are, you'll see information for managers, IT, finance, logistics and so on.

Sökruta på Mathems intranät.

On the Checkout intranet, the search function is key. Integration with the existing HR system allows employees to search for each other’s contact details, who works which shifts and similar important information. Really smooth.

We are Mathem på Mathems intranät.

MatHem builds its corporate culture through the “We are MatHem” website. The blog is where employees write about their daily lives to enhance internal understanding of what the different roles entail — and to bring employees closer together. There are also groups for discussion and collaboration.



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