A reliable emergency app for Värmland’s ambulance staff

Thanks to a smart app, ambulance staff in Värmland can help their patients faster. In an emergency situation, the app allows staff to find the appropriate treatment guidelines immediately.

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Background and challenge

The Värmland region previously had another app for ambulance staff, but the administration interface was limiting. Content had to be published in several stages, and documents always ended up in several different places.

– "It added a lot of administrative work and risked errors with version management," explains Emil Palm, system administrator at ambulance operations.


Easy and intuitive

Sitevision came into the picture and work could begin on developing a new and smoother app. The aim was to make the administration interface so easy that, in principle, no training would be needed to learn how to retrieve the correct documents. And it turned out to be that easy and intuitive app we had hoped for.

Smart Filtering

How does the app work? When the paramedics reach the patient, they use a filtering function to quickly find the appropriate treatment guidelines.

– For example, we indicate age, type of injury and symptoms. This could be an adult man who we notice has breathing problems and also shows signs of an allergic reaction. "Once we have specified these parameters, we can come up with treatment guidelines," explains Emil Palm, system manager in ambulance operations.

One of the major differences with the previous app is that the interface is now based on metadata. Here you filter your way to what you are looking for instead of navigating through a tree structure. Documents end up in one place, updates are made directly in the app, and as an ambulance crew you don't have to rely on an internet connection because the system is constantly downloading a copy of the latest version.


More businesses are catching up

The rating for the app? Thumbs up! Staff find it reliable and easy to find documents. The fact that it also has a search function with free text search is a plus.

More businesses within the Värmland region are now starting to use the app.

– The idea is that more units with emergency functions will be able to use the same concept, including ambulance helicopters which have shown interest. "We’ve really got a solution we can trust, a reliable app in emergency situations," says Emil Palm.



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